SASSA Children Grants Distribution Starts From 6 February 2024

In a much-needed update, SASSA Children Grants distribution commenced on February 6, 2024, offering relief to recipients who experienced payment delays in the previous month. The Sassa child grant date for February 2024 aims to address the delayed January grants, which left numerous parents and guardians reliant on Child Support and Foster Child Grants in a state of uncertainty. Thankfully, SASSA has confirmed that the grant extraction process will be initiated this Tuesday, bringing much-needed reassurance to those affected.

SASSA Children Grants Distribution Starts From 6 February 2024

The delay in SASSA’s January social grant payments, particularly in disbursing the Child Support and Foster Child Grants, has raised concerns among unpaid beneficiaries seeking explanations. SASSA officials attribute the setback to unforeseen technical glitches in the verification system and administrative challenges. Subsequently, the national agency has implemented decisive measures to address the underlying issues, expediting the delayed disbursement process for children’s grants this month.

Minister Lindiwe Zulu, heading SASSA, assures the reinstatement of unpaid individuals with double grant payments in February 2024. The national agency now underscores its commitment to ensuring that eligible recipients promptly receive both the unpaid January child grant and the February payment, commencing on Tuesday, 6th February 2024. This serves as the resolution to address the concerns of unpaid Child Support and Foster Child Grant beneficiaries by facilitating double payments with the approved February grant.

SASSA Status Check for Children Grants

Recipients who did not receive payment in January are advised to conduct the SASSA Status Check online for approval grant results and stay informed as the February payment process unfolds. If both your January and February grant statuses are approved, you can expect two payments in this payment cycle.

If your February status is approved but your January grant was declined due to a failed means test, you will receive only the February grant. Sassa beneficiaries with approved grants for both months will receive the missed January grant with the approved February Children Grant Payments simultaneously.

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