SASSA Reconsideration Application and Status Check 2024

SASSA reconsideration allows declined SASSA grant applicants to request their applications be reviewed again by the South Africa Social Assistance and Security Agency (SASSA). This process is a lifesaver for anyone who believes their social grant application and SRD R350 application was unfairly rejected or that their circumstances have changed since they first applied.

SASSA Reconsideration

You can apply for SASSA Reconsideration online and this process is simple. You need to submit your reconsideration application by providing your ID number, application ID or reference number to have your declined grant reconsidered through the Department of Social Development Republic of South Africa. This method works for all declined grants including SRD reconsideration by following these steps.

  1. To apply for SASSA reconsideration, visit DSD website
  2. Enter your 13-digit national ID digits in the given field of the South African ID Number of Applicant.
  3. Provide your cell phone contact details in the given field of Phone Number used to Submit your application.
  4. To verify your identity click on the “Send Pin” to send a PIN code for your phone.
  5. You will receive the SASSA OTP Code that you need to enter in the PIN box.
  6. After entering the code you can approach the reconsideration page.
  7. Select the month for which you want to apply for reconsideration and provide your reasons for the declined grant reconsideration.
  8. Submit your reconsideration application and wait for SASSA to respond to your request.

After submitting your application, you can expect to wait for the SASSA review process to be completed, which takes up to 90 working days. During this waiting period, you will be required to provide supporting documentation relevant to your grant type.

For example, SRD R350 grant applicants must be jobless and needy, and if you’re applying for a Disability grant or Care Dependency grant, you may need to provide a medical test. For Children grants, you’ll need to submit an affidavit. Similarly, for Old Age and War Veterans grant applicants, assets and income reports may be required.

SASSA Reconsideration Status Check

It is crucial for applicants to Check SASSA Reconsideration Status online after successfully applying for reconsideration application. This process ensures that you’ll be informed as soon as your grant is reviewed and approved within the 90-day maximum processing timeline for reconsiderations.

  1. To check your SASSA Reconsideration Status, visit the SASSA Website at
  2. Select the first tab for “SASSA Status Check Online.”
  3. Enter your South African ID and Phone Number to request your reconsideration status.
  4. Press the “Check Now” button to view your SASSA reconsideration status.

It is important to check status of your reconsideration application after submission. Your status check result will show which month your declined grant was reconsidered and how much SASSA has paid. This is officially displayed in the SASSA system with your unique App ID, which is linked to your grant application.

In the meantime, if your SASSA reconsideration pending for your approved SRD reconsideration application or if you haven’t received SASSA payment dates. You can call SASSA complaints department at 0800601011 to investigate the issue further and get information on when you can expect to receive grant payment. You will need to provide your reconsideration Application ID to look up your details.


  1. Hi..I have being declined since 2022 and keep.on saying income is coming into account but no money in my account since my last payout🙏please check for me the 350 used and now nothing…🙏🙏🙏

  2. Bronvin Ockhuis

    I would like to change my contact detail in order to appeal for the months that I have been delined

      1. I would like to change my contact as i have been declined for moths now so i want to check why am being declined

  3. Hi im Mzwanele im just why my grant is declined for 2mnths last year for 2 months 2022 why is declined my ID no 770713544908

  4. I’m not working nd 350 does really help me I would be more than happy if u reconsider my application

  5. Hi
    I have been approved for a few months but never recieved my R350. And been declined for most months. Can you help me to fix this please

  6. Cam someone Please help me because when I apply for 350 it tells me that the application already active and I never apply for 350 before what should I do

  7. Hi I always declined since I started applying I am not even working since 2021..plz help me my I’d number 700810071108

  8. I can’t receive R350 it decline my aplication by saying I am registered with UIF. I even send Ufiling email to check me,I am not registered.Please help me.

  9. Im very disappointed with this issue of sassa because im not working but it decline from last year while i received so many smss of 350 yo another person and when its reporting on my phone this person is have money on the bank but he or she receive 350 to me it always decline please help this thing stress

  10. Hello can i please help for my 350r is declined an i don’t know why .
    And I’m unemployed (no income). When I tried appealing, it said pending and now it doesn’t allow me to check on my appeal (failed). Please help me asp

  11. I have been.applying for srd because I’m unemployed but always declined because of saurce of income tht I don’t even have nor receive.even my apeal has been declined please help me I’m unemplyed for some years now

  12. Greeting I would like to lodge an appeal to my srd I haven’t received from Nov to Dec it’s says there’s an income source identified idont know where bcoz I’m not receiving an income since 2022

  13. I.have not worked for the pass 3 years unfortunately DON’T no wats going life now the say source of income omg from were and I have proof

    1. I have no source of income never have and it’s because i’m a student so I don’t understand why I haven’t received the 350 for January

  14. Greating I would like to lodge an appeal for my srd I didn’t received it Nov and Dec. It says means of income and I don’t get any income. I Am unemployed

  15. I would like to change the phone number I used when applying for the grant. I would also like the reapplication because I don’t have the income anymore.

  16. sassa declined my R350 because it says means of income. I am unemployed (no income). When I tried appealing, it said pending and now it doesn’t allow me to check on my appeal (failed). Aish!!!

  17. My srd sassa 350 for November was declined reason is the income located but I don’t have any income because I’m unemployed

  18. Hi I need to change my phone number please help and I have been declined for November the reason is that there is a incum sorry but I’m still unemployed with no incume please help 06116205

      1. Hi my account shows invalid i did change my phone number but now i can’t log in to my account and and i don’tget my 350 anymore

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