SASSA Referred Status

If your SASSA Status indicates Referred it’s essential to learn the meaning behind this status. The referred status can apply to anyone who has submitted an application for a SASSA social grant, whether it’s for Disability, Care Dependency, Children’s Grant, Old Age Grant, or the Social Relief of Distress R350.

Being marked as Referred Mean on SASSA Status means that your application has encountered a specific status, and understanding its implications is crucial. There is no need to worry, your application status is not final. You can check the details on what Referred status means and what steps you should take if you find yourself in this situation.

SASSA Referred Status

The meaning of Referred Status on the SASSA Application is simple. When your SASSA application displays SASSA Referred Status, it means that your application is undergoing further review. SASSA National Authorities want to ensure accuracy and eligibility before approving it and showing the outcome of the final decision.

Why SASSA Referred Your Application

SASSA reviews each application over a 90-day period. During this time, they carefully check your financial information to decide if you qualify for the grant. If they need more information and investigate further, your SASSA status will be marked as “referred.”

You can review the following reasons why SASSA referred your application status.

ID Document Matches Other Databases

If your ID number and name match records in databases such as NSFAS, SARS, UIF, or other government institutions in South Africa, your SASSA status will show as referred.

Documentation Issues

If there are missing or incorrect documents in your grant application, it’s possible that you lack essential paperwork. You will be notified to update your application with the correct information to complete your documentation.

Missing Email or Phone Number

If your application is missing your SASSA-referred email address or phone number, it means you need to update SASSA application personal information with the correct contact details in your application.

Suspected Fraud Activity

If you have reported SASSA Card Lost or registered cell phone number, or unauthorized access to your grant, SASSA will inquiries a fraudulent activity, they will conduct further investigations to verify the information provided until the suspicion is cleared.

Duplicate Applications

If multiple applications are submitted for the same grant or for multiple grants, SASSA will mark the status as referred. Meanwhile, your grant will be rejected, and you will receive notice later on when your status changes from referred to ensure justice within the SASSA system.

What to Do If Your Application Is Referred

If you find SASSA referred status, you need to contact SASSA for clarification and to maintain the correct documents for your application to be reconsidered and approved.

To resolve this, please reach out to SASSA through their toll-free number at 0800 60 10 11 or the SASSA WhatsApp number at 0820 468 553 and proceed with your situation.

You will be asked for your ID number and phone number for verification than your Application ID, which you can provide to clarify any doubts and provide the correct details.

If you have Lost SASSA Reference Number you can immediately get help from SASSA and retrieve your Reference Number, which is unique for your application.

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  1. All the appeals I’ve made from 2023 none of them have ever been approved or answered, but it said the appeal outcomes takes 60 to 90 days

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