SASSA SRD Grant Increase From April 2024

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has just unveiled the payment schedule for the first quarter of 2024, sparking anticipation for an upcoming increase in the R350 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant. Administered by the Department of Social Development, this grant has proven to be a crucial support system for millions of eligible South Africans, refugees, and asylum seekers since its launch in May 2020. Now that the SASSA payment dates for February have commenced, reports suggest that an upcoming increase of ZAR 64 will be added to the SRD grant starting from April of this year.

SASSA SRD Grant Increase From April 2024

As we approach the eagerly awaited February payment schedule, a palpable excitement surrounds the prospect of an imminent boost in the SRD grant come April. SASSA is fueling expectations among SRD grant beneficiaries by considering a noteworthy increase in the grant amount, elevating it from R350 to R413, an impressive jump of R63.

This announcement is glad to bring joy to nearly 8.5 million recipients nationwide, representing a substantial portion of South Africans, refugees, and asylum seekers who depend on the SASSA monthly social relief grant benefits.

Deputy President Paul Mashatile officially disclosed this news on the social media platform X @GovernmentZA. In his statement, Deputy President Paul Mashatile recognized that the country’s current SRD grant of R350 falls short of keeping pace with inflation and revealed a planned review for this year.

Given our documentation that covers the latest announcement of SASSA extended R350 grant to 2025, we hold the confidence that the social relief of distress SRD R350 grant will experience a significant increase to R413, aligning it with the prevailing inflationary trends as declared by the Deputy President Paul Mashatile himself.

Now the question arises, Will this adjustment be sufficient to contend with the escalating inflation in the country? Well, at the very least, vulnerable citizens stand to benefit from it. With an imminent increase in the SRD, attention naturally turns to other grants. Will there be an initiative of SASSA to increase the social grants in the upcoming months of 2024?

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  1. I am 38yrs I live with my siblings who also receive 350 we dnt have electricity at home nd we are unemployed because of 350 we are able to sleep with fully stomach we are grateful stomach thank we’re very grateful

  2. We must realy thnk those who make it possible believe me there’s alot tht depend on the 350 specially those in age from 50 till they get pension cox they don’t get work at tht age I thank God fir people still looking out for those citizens may they be blessed in abundance

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