Check SASSA Child Support Grant Status Online

The SASSA Child Support Grant aims to assist lower-income households in covering the basic needs of their children. It is not intended to replace other sources of income but rather to bridge the gap in the household’s cost of living. This social support is similar to the SASSA Foster Child Grant, and please note that only one application will be accepted at a time for either of these grants.

If you are the primary caregiver of a child (whether a parent, grandparent, or anyone primarily responsible for the child’s care), you can conveniently Check SASSA Child Support Grant Status Online. Here is how you can do it properly.

Check SASSA Child Support Grant Status Online

ID Number :
Cell Number :

To check the status of your child support grant, please follow these simple steps:

  1. To check your SASSA Status visit:
  2. Enter the South African ID Number of the child's parent, guardian, or primary caregiver.
  3. Provide the cell phone number associated with the SASSA Child Support Grant application.
  4. Click the 'Submit' button to send your request to our database.
  5. Our web portal will process your application for the SASSA Child Support Grant status.
  6. The status results for your children's grant application will be displayed.
  • Important Notice: The Child Support Grant has been increased to R500, with the top-up increasing to R250 in 2023 and next year 2024.

When you are unable to receive the SASSA child grant?

You may not be eligible to receive the SASSA Child Support Grant if:

  • You are being paid to look after the child.
  • You are not the child's primary caregiver.
  • Someone else is already receiving a grant for the child.
  • You represent an institution that takes care of the child.
  • Note: Eligibility for the grant is determined through a means test, which assesses your asset and income thresholds.

What is the SASSA child Grant amount?

The amount of the child support grant may change annually, but currently, it is R500 per month per child. When making the application, you can specify how you would like the money to be paid. It can be paid out in cash on specific days at a designated pay point or electronically deposited into your bank account.

  • Please note that normal bank charges apply to any transactions involving your bank account. You have the option to change the payment method at any time by completing a form, although the change will take effect one month later.

When do you start receiving children's grants?

If your application is approved, you will start receiving payments within three months, and the payments will be backdated to the date of your application.

When do SASSA payments stop for child care?

Your grant may cease under the following circumstances:

  • The child passes away.
  • The child turns 18 at the end of the month.
  • The caregiver fails to claim for three consecutive months.
  • The child is absent from the country.
  • The child is admitted to a state institution.
  • Important Notice: Your grant will be periodically reviewed to ensure continued eligibility. Additionally, it is essential to inform the department of any changes in your or your child's circumstances.

Contact for Enquiries

For any inquiries, you can reach out to the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) to obtain information on:

  • Pay-out dates.
  • Qualifying rules for all government grants.
  • District office addresses and contact numbers.
  • Assistance with your application.
  • Reporting any instances of fraud or corruption.

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    It’s been two months now I applied but not received my child support grant. I would like to know why I’m not receiving it

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  6. I applied several times years and status said under investigation since 2014 ,my son is even turning 18 this year and even the srd declines me. And sassa has never been so kind to me. I gave up and managed by God’s grace . I have a second child and i didn’t bother myself with applying. Because of the horrible experience i got from sassa

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    This month I have not been paid my child’s grant.

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