SASSA R350 Grant Application

You can apply for R350 grant online to receive timely funds as a needy citizen. Social Relief of Distress SRD grant is provided by the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) to unemployed individuals, refugees, and those without any source of income.

To apply for SASSA R350 Grant application, you must meet the following criteria, be aged between 18 and 59, have no other source of income, and not have received any other social grants from SASSA. If you meet these requirements, follow the steps below to get apply for SRD grant application.

SASSA R350 Grant Application

You must ensure having a South African ID card, Green ID book, Asylum permit with a valid File Number, or Special Residency Permit with a Passport and your name and registered cell phone number to complete the SRD Grant Application online.

Infographic of SASSA R350 Grant Application Process Steps Explained
  1. To apply for R350 grant you can visit the SRD portal online.
  2. Enter your Cell Phone Number (cell phone number) and click the “Send SMS” button.
  3. You will receive a 6-digit OTP number in the message.
  4. Enter the OPT number and click the “Verify Pin” button.
  5. Agree to Terms and Conditions for Declaration and Consent Document Rules.
  6. South African ID holders can provide an ID Number while others can enter a Special Permit
  7. File Number.
  8. Provide personal details including, Name, Surname, Address, and Gender.
  9. Provide your banking details (Bank Name, Branch, Account Type, and Number) or choose the payment option “Send Cash.”
  10. Submit your payment option and Agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  11. Wait for the SASSA verifications from the Department of Home Affairs database for your personal and banking details.
  12. You will soon obtain a Sassa confirmation message on your mobile number indicating your SRD R350 grant is active.
  13. Asylum Seekers and Special Permit holders will get a Payment ID to collect payment at Pick ‘n Pay.

After you have successfully apply for SASSA R350 application, perform SRD Status Check Online.

Check SASSA SRD R350 Grant Application Status

You can check the status of your SASSA R350 application, by following these steps.

  1. To check SASSA R350 Status visit
  2. Look for the ‘SRD R350 Grant’ section on the website’s homepage.
  3. Click on the ‘Check Application Status’ button.
  4. You will be prompted to enter your ID number and cell phone number.
  5. After entering your details, submit the form to check your application status.
  6. The system will provide you with the current status of your R350 grant application.

Your application status for the R350 grant includes whether it’s approved, pending, or declined with the details on your Application ID.

Important Note for SASSA SRD Grant Applicants

To ensure that your application is approved, you can ensure.

  • If your SRD R350 online application has been declined or you haven’t received a Payment ID, it could be due to reasons such as your income exceeding the eligibility criteria, or errors in providing personal details, incorrect mobile number, inaccurate employment information, or incorrect banking information. These issues may not meet the requirements and result in a failed application.
  • To address a failed or declined application, SASSA Reapplication for R350 Grant is your only option. This allows the South African national authorities to reconsider your approval and provide you with another opportunity to receive the grant.

SASSA Status Check


  1. It’s my 1st time applying for 350 and I’m looking forward for my application to be approved beaucause I’m not working

  2. I have been stuck on banking details. worse when I check my status it says banking details pending and when I try to mention how I would love to receive the money it keeps on saying token invalid and it says I did not choose the payment method. I even tried to change the banking details but still the same.

  3. Am not working but my 350 always says pending or very fiying after declined uif and am not getting uif please help or contact me here guys am suffering with 2kids am a father please help no one is working at my house iwas only a breadwinner now because am not working things is getting worse

    1. I’ve been trying to apply but it keeps saying grant application already active but when I check application status,my ID no. Is not found

  4. Its been 3 months now since I applied for SRD R350. mna if I don’t receive it, my status shows approved but No Paydate.. Come the 29th of May, I AM NOT VOTING… VOETSEK

  5. I have replied but I don’t get answers. Give me feedback from my application for the R350s Please

      1. Sassa this year 2024 and 2023 last year you guys have been declining my R350 fix this matter I’m not working

  6. I’m not anymore in government facility…so I appeal…cuz I really need that…I don’t work…it wl hlp me alot iam waiting

          1. Hello social, I’ve been trying to apply for srd but when I apply it says my ID number is already active and I have never ever registered for srd,this was my first attempt,what must I do?

          2. Hi I’m Nomkhosi Madondo from Greytown KwaZulu-Natal I want 350 I’m not working.

        1. Hi I applied for 350 last year March still no money, approved no dates and declined and I appeal it got fixed still no dates,I went to Sassa Midrand they say they fixed the problem and still no dates,I called Sassa they say in their system they don’t see anything. Can you please help me,am not working

      1. Mina it been 6 months trying to Apply for my R350 but it says there’s someone already claimed it what can I do to fix my R350

      1. I’m not working but if I check my status it’s tell me that the is income source why I need want this 350 since last year

        1. I have been approved for February and March no sms for code was sent to me yet. What is the problem. Please help

    1. I’m not working at all and I am also looking for the way of putting something inside my stomach

    1. I am Sandile Mbane at PE Seyisi Location KwaZakhele. I’D like to apply for a 350 grant. I am not working

    1. I lost my phone so that I don’t have that number anymore can you please help me to add my new number

  7. can someone assist please as i am trying to apply online but when I put in my details it tells me “not found” Please help me i want to apply for the grant very much.

  8. Since I registered last year but it keeps on on pending and I don’t receive anything please help me out am struggling alot

  9. I’m worried about my srd grant which is called 350 it’s two months now no recieving it but I’m unemployed citizen

  10. For five months i kept on applying and then in December 2022 i got R350 .Then again nothing after that .I appeal and it was declined I don’t have a source of income . Is this only for a selected few ?

  11. I have been getting my but now it has stopped. One month I get it next minute I don’t . It’s been almost months not receiving any R350.

    1. I’m a student not working my both parents not afford anything I need to bought some text book I need but my both parents can’t afford it please if I’m asking grant please give me cause I’m employees

  12. The home affairs did change the last 3 digits of my new ID, and I’ve not been received my SRD for May, June, July and August due to that reason.may please have it rectify

  13. Since R350 start i get it for few months now is declined what must i do id 80030558610 contact 07934016 im not working anymor

  14. Hi I want to change my banking and phone details,but I don’t know my I.D application number please help thx in advance.

      1. Hello I would like to report that I have forgotten my SASSA cell phone number ,I would really like to reset a new number

    1. So how does one reapply if I don’t have excess to the number I registered with?
      SIM swap failed due to lack of information
      Please help

          1. I also didn’t get my R359 for the Dec even Jan,Feb,mar and April and reason is that I HV a source of income which I don’t I am an un inployed RSA youth

      1. I need to change my number I lost my sim card and I don’t getting my 350 my new number is 068110996 Id number is 87072758180

      2. I’m Mofolo Teboho did apply R3,50 Grant many times, but I got messages told that I have an income. I’m unemployed for many years leaving without any income, I don’t anything about having an ‘income’ . I would be glad if you investigate this issue thoroughly.

          1. I lost my SIM card that I registered srd 350. So I want a sew application with another SIM card

        1. I did pay R350 but Al of the Soden they said I have a income Sauce with I don’t understand I’m not even. Working and don’t get anymoney in this is all I get the R350 from ocktober I don’t get

          1. I hard never work and I don’t now if I would get a chance to go look for work. Coz I sacrifice to stay at home and look over my family

      1. Hello since I apply for R350 but I don’t get it all my appeal but they said I have source of income but I am not working

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