Check SASSA Disability Grant Status Online

SASSA Disability Grant (DG) is a government payment in South Africa for adults living with a physical or mental disability, rendering them unable to work for a period of 6 months or more.

You can Check SASSA Disability Grant Status Online. There are two types of grants: temporary disability grants (for less than 12 months) and permanent disability grants (for a continuous 12-month period).

Check SASSA Disability Grant Status

ID Number :
Cell Number :

After completing a medical report and applying for the Disability Grant with the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA), applicants can follow these steps to check their status:

  1. To check your SASSA Status visit:
  2. Disability applicants can enter their South African ID Number, 13-digit refugee ID, or Caretaker ID number.
  3. Provide the cell phone number linked to the individual's SASSA Disability Grant application.
  4. Click the 'Submit' button to send your request to our database.
  5. Our web portal will process your application for the SASSA Disability Grant status.
  6. The results of your disability grant application status will be displayed.
  • Important Notes: If you require permanent care due to a disability and you are under 18, your primary caregiver can apply for SASSA Care Dependency Grant. If you do not have an ID, you will need to complete an affidavit and provide proof that you have applied for the document from the Department of Home Affairs. It is important to note that if you have not yet applied for an ID, you must do so within three months of applying for the grant.

What is the current value of the SASSA Disability Grant?

Update on the SASSA Disability Grant: As of April 1, 2023, the SASSA disability grant has been increased to R2,080 per person, per month. The grant amount is calculated on a sliding scale, meaning individuals with higher private income will receive a smaller grant amount. Furthermore, the grant will increase to R2,090 from October 1, 2023, representing an R10 increase.

What are the available payment methods for the SASSA Disability Grant?

The SASSA disability grant can be paid through the following methods:

  • Cash at a specific pay point on a designated day
  • Electronic deposit into your bank account, including Postbank (bank charges may apply)
  • An institution not funded by the State, such as a home for people with disabilities.

Under what circumstances may the SASSA Disability Grant be suspended or lapsed?

Your disability grant may be suspended or lapsed under the following circumstances:

  • Changes in your circumstances
  • Outcome of a review
  • Failure to cooperate during the review process
  • Fraudulent behaviour or misrepresentation
  • Mistakes in the approval of your grant
  • Passing away
  • Admission to a state institution
  • Failure to claim for three consecutive months
  • Absence from the country

What steps can be taken if an application for the SASSA Disability Grant is not approved?

If your application for the disability grant is not approved, you will receive written notification from the social security office. The reasons for the rejection will be stated, and you have the option to appeal the decision by submitting a written appeal to the Minister of Social Development, explaining your disagreement within 90 days of receiving notification about the outcome of your application.

Contact Information

  • For more information and assistance, you can contact the Department of Social Development and the South African Social Security Agency at the toll-free helpline: 0800 601 011.
  • You can use the official email address: [email protected].

SASSA Status Check


  1. Hi my name is Douglas Vusumzi Gantsho ,I did not recieve disability grant.I am blind .I was told that it will be permanent

  2. I’ve been holding the forms of sassa for disability it’s been 3months after doctor signed the forms but at sassa they said it’s closed to book date for doctor it will be done next year

  3. Hi
    I apply for disability grand in September now they say it is decline because the doctor didn’t have enough proof but the proof is buy the big hospital and not buy the clinic now the workers buy sassa say I must apply after 3months now

  4. Good day… husband didn’t receive he’s November payment I don’t know what is happening but he’s getting for permanent now so could you.plz help thanks

  5. Good day

    Trust all is well

    As I went In and was told this will be fix, I went in 20 October once again and was told no I must wait for the call, please confirm how long must I wait for this, when I was there the 28 August and haven’t received any call.
    You guys told me to go in, SASSA call center also told me to go, I go in and was told no I must wait.

    Please confirm what do I do, as my doctor form end next month another stress.

    Many thanks

  6. Greetings my question since I apply for dissability grant after that I received an application receipt that states I must wait three months under investigation of dupplicate I’d so its now six months since I wait no response till now ,how long must I wait for investigation to be finished I’m so fedup I’m hungry I can’t work even provide food fo myself if you have any clue about when its going to be okay I will be happy to know name is bonakele chofu please help me

  7. Good day

    Trust all is well.

    I went into SASSA 28 August 2023 and no response back.
    I have called into the call center and the gentleman ask for my ID no. And told me there is nothing yet and have told me that the day they do take your medicine form that suppose to be captured straight away, but since I haven’t received any call, I should go in.
    But it’s strange someone went the same month as me and have received her second form and confirm her disability grant.
    So please confirm do I go back in to find out the issues or can anyone assist me please.

    Thank you

    1. Good day

      Trust all is well

      As I went In and was told this will be fix, I went in 20 October once again and was told no I must wait for the call, please confirm how long must I wait for this, when I was there the 28 August and haven’t received any call.
      You guys told me to go in, SASSA call center also told me to go, I go in and was told no I must wait.

      Please confirm what do I do, as my doctor form end next month another stress.

      Many thanks

  8. Greetings to you all, I go by the name of Busisiwe Innocentia Khumalo. I’m suffering with a chronic deases (Epilepsy) since I was 12years old. I tried to apply for a disability at the nearest Sassa from 2019 and passed recived 2times till 2020.Then 2021 they declined it till 2023,I even tried to re-apply since 2022 but still they declined it. Also when I check my status, number is no longer available

    I’ll really appreciate your help🙏

  9. Goodafternoon I just want to ask how long does under investigation take cause since my application sent to I’d investigation I already waited three months even now is over three months I’m on 6months period now,last month officials where at my place asking for my latest bank statement,proof of adress and identity certified copy wich I gave to them but I thought this month I will be paid I’m from the branch today but still the system still showing under investigation,what’s wrong with sassa actually I’m very surprised and so heartbroken why they just don’t let me know that I’m not a type of getting dissability grant payment so that I can surrender?I’m very angry with sassa the next thing sassa numbers are not working even land line no one answer my call what’s wrong sassa?I’m tired and hungry angry to you sassa please help me

    1. Really Sorry Please wait for 30 days as you said officials came to your house for documents as you already know there are so many people applying for SASSA every day so the officials need time to properly investigate each person application this process takes time. Please for more information visit your nearest SASSA office or contact headquaters here is the number Headquarters Phone: 012 400 2322

  10. Good day sir or madam I’m bonakele shadrack chofu since I apply for dissability grant from 02may this year after I stand awaiting period of three months full now last month on the 05 sassa officials where at my place ordering me to submit latest bank statement,proof of addres and certified copy of identity wich I my question is whether my application approved and I am eligible to get my grant paid this month?or else can I type my identity number so that you can check how far are my aplication and whether when is going to be paid?

  11. Sir or madam I’m shadrack at bothaville I just want to ask,on the 05september sassa official where at my place and ask me to bring my bank statement,proof of addres and certified copy of I’d so I wonder whether I’m going to receive my payment during october?cause since I apply from 02may2023 the problem was I’d investigation wich I waited the duration of three months till now so what’s the meaning of officials to ask for that documents maybe you will give me some clue thank you hope you will reply,

  12. hy since i apply for dissabillity grant from the 02may 2023 i didn’t receive anything till now the reason is that I share my I’d particulars with someone living ay mpumalanga province emalahleni so the officials at sassa office at bothaville sent my application to head office for duplicate identity investigation I’m very surprised now because now i waited the duration of three months now without any response so please check for me when am i eligible to receive my grant identity number 8204115428088 I’m chofu bonakele shadrack please reply if whether investigation finished and when am I going to receive my grant with pleasure I thank you sir or madam

  13. Hi I like to ask my disability grant was lapse on July 31 and they gave me date 29 august to review I’m I getting paid on September thanks

  14. Good Morning

    My brother gets the disability grant and his payment stopped in May 2023 and due to us finding out he have cancer we had to wait up until July before they could fill out his forms so on July 18 his papers was approved but he got no date as to when his getting paid.. usually we get a Paper to State how much his paid and a date.. I have checked on the 5th of August and yesterday there is still no money.. I have called the toll free number it doesn’t work..

    So can you please help me or give me a number that really works so I can find out what is going

    Thank you.

    1. Please proceed with your appeal by directly contacting the main office at the following toll-free number: 0800 60 10 11.

      You can also reach us at (013) 754 – 9439/9428/9454 between 08:00 and 16:00. This will connect you with our Department of Social Development, where we will investigate the cause of the delay and work to successfully resolve it.

      This will ensure that your brother promptly receives the disability grant he is entitled to. Then confirm SASSA Status at

  15. i cant find my details and have not received my disability payout
    cathleen oswaldt

    also can not contact sassa

  16. Good morning
    With due respect I stand humble in writing to enquire about my disability grant that I didn’t receive on the 5t of August, and I thought it was because of the weekend but now it’s during the week but still I haven’t received any amount…and it ends at September not August

    Please do assist


    1. Please ensure your grant is approved, and contact our Customer Care Unit on toll free number: 0800 60 10 11 (013) 754 – 9439/9428/9454 from 08:00 – 16:00 at Department of Social Development to investigate the delayed reason and successfully recieve your grant.

    2. Please make sure that your grant is approved by conducting a SASSA Status Check at If you require assistance, you can reach out to DSD at the toll-free number: 0800 60 10 11 or at (013) 754 – 9439/9428/9454 between 08:00 and 16:00 to address any issues with your delayed grant.

        1. Hi my grant expires January 2024 and I need to book a medical assessment appointment online, but the page, to make the booking, doesn’t come up. Can you please advice? Thank you

  17. Right so this is my second attempt messaging SASSA, I do hope I receive an answer. I have attempted numerous times to book my Medical Assessment, only to be notified that I cannot book one as I am already benefitting from a grant. True but to my understanding I should be renewing my Disability Grant as it receive it on a 12month basis. I am furthermore not at any means to be to call the SASSA offices nor be taking expensive transport to get to the SASSA offices to sort out my matter. I have even reached out to SASSA via email but now many days down I have still not gotten any response from SASSA regarding my matter. I want to know what to do?

      1. Hi my name fana honey and I i am deaf. So I was grant that sassa grant were close from 2021. Pls help me sassa grant all of 3 year

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