Postbank Confirms Validity of Expired SASSA Gold Cards for 2024 Social Grants Payments

In response to concerns about the validity of SASSA Gold Cards among beneficiaries, Postbank has officially confirmed the acceptance of expired SASSA Gold Cards for 2024 Social Grants Payments. A reassuring statement from Postbank ensures that SASSA Cards, even if expired, will remain valid and operational for social grant payments throughout 2024. This announcement brings relief to many individuals who depend on the Gold Card for monthly grant withdrawals through bank transactions, ATMs and PayPoints.

Postbank Confirms Validity of Expired SASSA Gold Cards for 2024 Social Grants Payments

In an official announcement from the Postbank spokesperson, Dr Bongani Diako, Head of Communications, it was stated, “There is no need to switch your Postbank accounts; expired SASSA Gold Cards will continue to work for 2024.” This affirmation has been confirmed by the Gauteng, South Africa Post Office, and Social Development Departments.

Expired SASSA Gold Cards Work with Postbank Payments for 2024

This is a significant relief from Postbank, especially for those who are concerned about SASSA grant payments in 2024, this news addresses the situation, countering the need to change your bank for SASSA payments merely due to expired cards. Postbank assures beneficiaries that their SASSA Gold Cards will remain fully functional throughout 2024, and grant payments will proceed as scheduled.

Postbank reaffirms its commitment to facilitating the timely processing of monthly payments of SASSA grants for all SASSA Gold Card users, emphasizing dedication to the welfare of beneficiaries. Beneficiaries can continue to access their SASSA grants conveniently through SASSA Gold Cards at various retailers, including Boxer, Pick n Pay, Shoprite, Usave, Checkers, and Spar. Additionally, any bank ATM nationwide is accessible for SASSA Gold Card transactions.

Post Office Services for Lost or Stolen SASSA Gold Cards Replacements

Postbank’s spokesperson, Dr. Bongani Diako, has also provided additional information for SASSA cardholders. From January Payment to March 2024, scheduled maintenance for cash services is planned at Post Office branches. This involves a phased-out transition for most branches, aligning with a comprehensive strategy to enhance customer service standards. If you encounter any issues during February payment dates with lost or stolen SASSA Gold Cards, you can still visit any Post Office branch nationwide to obtain a replacement.

Report Misleading Attempts to Postbank Helpline

In light of misleading information, if you are approached by individuals insisting that SASSA Gold Cards are being replaced, and you are required to switch your bank, be aware that this is a fraudulent activity. You should promptly report such incidents to the Postbank helpline at 0800 53 54 55. Postbank officials have clarified that expired SASSA cards will remain valid for 2024, and only Postbank is authorized to replace your SASSA Gold Card at official branches.

Important Notice: SASSA beneficiaries have the freedom to choose their banking institution, and no one has the authority to dictate their personal decisions, even if claiming to be an SASSA official.

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  1. I’ve been approved for 8 months,My banking details was verified but still no paydates or any money in my account as yet,what is the hold up on this or the problem

  2. All money in postbank. Lost my phone and can not get my money. Postbank krugersdorp west not very helpfull to issue the form so i can claim my money i cant get otp becuase i lost my phone

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