SASSA SRD R350 Grant Payment Started From 23 February 2024

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) commenced the disbursement of the SRD R350 Grant Payment on February 23, 2024, continuing until February 29, 2024. It is crucial to verify the approval status of your February payment through the SASSA Status Check for SRD R350. This serves as a timely reminder for all beneficiaries to prepare for the nationwide distribution of SRD R350.

SASSA SRD R350 Grant Payment Started From 23 February 2024

As part of SASSA’s ongoing social grant disbursements in February 2024, the next cycle is dedicated to the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) R350 payments that will be distributed from Friday, February 23, to Thursday, February 29.

You can refer to the SRD R350 Payment Dates schedule below for detailed information.

Social Relief of Distress Payment Dates (SRD R350)
Thursday, 23 February 2024
Friday, 24 February 2024
Saturday, 25 February 2024
Sunday, 26 February 2024
Monday, 27 February 2024
Tuesday, 28 February 2024
Wednesday, 29 February 2024

To further comprehend the details you can check the SASSA payment schedule for February 2024.

  • Important Notice: SASSA offices are closed on weekends and national holidays. Before planning a visit on weekends, please check the operating hours of specific SASSA offices to ensure they are open.

Receive Your Social Relief Grant Payments for February 2024

Starting from the commencement of the R350 payment week, recipients of the South African Social Security Agency’s SRD grant will receive their payment directly in their linked bank accounts. The account verification and transaction process may take up to three days to reflect in the bank account. However, those without bank accounts can visit the selected payment points on the specified dates to collect the SRD grant.

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  1. Joooo… my 350 for April is approved but not date for pay day and I don’t know when I will get paid my 350

  2. Plz help with 350 grant it’s been declining since August last year but I’m not working and i don’t receive so much money in my account i get 100 or 150 and i did my appeal but no reply it all pending for 6 months now

  3. I haven’t received anything…I haven’t been anything. Please help…I’m jobless and empty at this time

  4. Plz since last year they change my number from much last year till this year plz help me sassa I’m not working nd the there is no salary income I get nd im job less

  5. I did apply in January 2023 only received in September since October nothing according to them i received uif wow, I m since 2019 unploy. I never in my life received any uif as all the places where I did work never did register me for uif.

    I m still out of work struggle to get work.
    According to them I have a source of income yeah right Wonder of you borrow money from your mother to buy food is a source of income. Or is this just a racist thing that only some people may get 350 and others not. Just wondering they must please show me where have a work and where I receive pay.

  6. What about the approval for February and the appeal for all the last month ..since I waited
    And I don’t get any salary from any work

    1. What about my approval for February and the appeal for all last month .
      And I don’t get any salary from any work , company , person so I need a answer from you

  7. What about January approved and Still no pay date? I have phoned numerous times and just get told to be patient😠😠😠😠😠

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