SASSA Status Check February 2024 Payment Dates

You can perform SASSA Status Check February 2024 to get informed on payment dates and approval status for SRD R350, old age, child support, disability, and other social grants. The payment schedule for this month is established for the 2nd, 5th, and 6th of February 2024, ensuring beneficiaries get paid on time with the necessary financial support.

SASSA Status Check February 2024 Payment Dates

The significance of monitoring your SASSA payment status lies in the separate distribution of each grant type. This emphasizes the necessity for individual checks to address potential challenges. With the latest schedule, you can refer to the February 2024 SASSA payment dates to know the specific paydays to ensure the timely collection of grant money.

SASSA GrantsPayment Dates
Older Persons Grant2 Feb-24
War Veterans Grant2-Feb-24
Disability Grant5-Feb-24
Care Dependency Grant5-Feb-24
Child Support Grant6-Feb-24
Foster Child Grant6-Feb-24
Social Relief of Distress (SRD)23-Feb-24 to 29-Feb-24

Once you have checked your February payment status, proceed to receive your grant funds through your chosen Sassa payment method.

Application Status Check for February 2024

Individuals registered with SASSA in November and December 2023 will get a pending application status until they receive a confirmation message confirming their approved payment month aligns with the scheduled payday.

To verify your application status for February 2024, please use the status check button. We provide this option for applicants without text message verification, allowing them to confirm approval for this month.

Once your February status is approved, the grant money will be deposited into your linked bank account. This provides a convenient withdrawal option without the need to visit the Post Office or designated pay points.

Ensure Eligibility for the February Grant (Means Test)

To ensure your eligibility for the SASSA February 2024 payment, you must withdraw all previous month’s grant funds before the 5th day of the new month.

This practice is advisable for a smooth experience with the SASSA Means Test verification process. The verification strictly examines each user’s account balance with the established threshold criteria given that any violation can lead to a declined grant for that particular month.

SASSA Grant Payment Timing and Collection Points

It is crucial to note that SASSA does not process or disburse grants on public holidays or weekends. This information is crucial, particularly for individuals who would like to visit the SASSA office or Pay Points in person for grant collection.

Having a specified payment point allows you to conveniently withdraw approved funds from ATMs and major retail stores like Checkers, Shoprite, Pick n Pay, and Boxer.

Being informed about grant payment schedules and learning about the collection locations is essential for beneficiaries, ensuring quick access to monthly financial support in South Africa.


  1. Hi

    My older pension card is declining , I checked the ATM , was showing a 0.00 balance , is there a delay ??

  2. Hi my name is Kelly isaacs im trying to get my sassa 350 right with u guys for this month and need a answer whats going on because i was not approved but last month i got my 350

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