SASSA Reapplication

If you meet the eligibility criteria for the SASSA social grant or the SRD R350 grant application but your initial application was rejected, you can proceed with a SASSA reapplication.

SASSA Reapplication

You can submit your SASSA reapplication online. This method is applicable for both SRD R350 and all other SASSA social grants by following these steps.

  1. Visit our SASSA web portal at
  2. Click on the “Update your Existing Application for Reapplication” button.
  3. Provide your South African ID number and mobile number.
  4. Update your details as needed.
  5. Resubmit your social grant or SRD R350 grant application to SASSA.
  6. You can now check your SRD status online.

This process applies to all SASSA social grants and SRD grants, including the R350 grants. You can reapply for any social grant under the SASSA organization using this method.

If your application is cancelled, you can reapply for SASSA R350, SRD grants, or any other South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) social grants. Ensure you follow all the necessary steps correctly to increase your chances of approval.

Notice: Ensure you apply for reconsideration within 30 days of receiving the declined reason. For further assistance, contact the service centre directly at the toll-free number 0800 60 10 11.

Reasons for SASSA Reapplication

Your application for SASSA grants and SRD grants may be declined for specific reasons, including:

  1. Identity Verification Failed: The personal information provided in your application doesn’t match the records held by the Department of Home Affairs.
  2. Age Outside Range (>60): Your age exceeds 60 years and doesn’t meet the age requirement during the reconsideration period.
  3. Age Outside Range (<18): Your age is below 18 years and doesn’t meet the age requirement during the reconsideration period.
  4. Alternative Income Source Identified: Your bank account balance during the reconsideration period was R624 or more.
  5. UIF Registered: You received payments from the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) during the reconsideration period.
  6. NSFAS Funds Received: You received financial aid from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) during the reconsideration period.
  7. Other Social Grants Registered: You also applied for another SASSA grant during the reconsideration period.

Understanding the specific reason from the Department of Home Affairs records will help you take the appropriate steps for the reconsideration of your SASSA reapplication.

Check SASSA Reapplication Status Online

After submitting your reapplication for a declined Sassa grant, you can now check your reapplication status. To do this, you can visit the SASSA Status Check website to see if your grant has been approved or rejected.

The process for checking Sassa Reapplication Status is the same as other Sassa grant applications. You will need to wait for 90 days for Sassa to verify and approve your application with a reconsideration. During the 60-day period, if your application status not showing as pending, you can Appeal R350 Grant about the application problem so that the national agency and DSD can reinstate it quickly.

Contact SASSA for Reapplication Issues

You can reach out to the SASSA to resolve your reapplication issues.

  • You can dial the SASSA toll-free call centre on 080060 10 11
  • Send an Email to SASSA support team at [email protected]

SASSA Status Check


  1. I tried to apply R350 and it’s says my account is active how can I do coz it means someone used my ID numbers and he or she is getting my R350

  2. Need to re-apply for R350 grant it was declining since last year April,due to a change of a surname I think.

  3. I tried to apply R350 and it’s says my account is active how can I do coz it means someone used my ID numbers and he or she is getting my R350

    From Owethu Zizou Mnguni

      1. I tried to apply but it’s says my account is already active that means someone is busy using my ID number in order to get my R350

    1. I lost my registration number phone and know I can’t get to see the day I will receive the money I have never received the money

  4. Good day
    I trust your well, My status says declined because I have source of income, I’m unemployed I have NO source of income.

  5. It’s been 4 years not getting srd they say source of income, I’m not working but still I don’t get 350 south afrika with corruption

    1. I am Edwin molebatsi sesinyi and I didn’t receive my srd 350 for may 2023,June 2023,July 2023,October 2023, November 2023 and January 2024,and to be honest I don’t any source of income please help me.

      1. Good day
        I have applied for the R350 grant and have been declined contact number is 076494590
        Please this is urgent

    2. Good day my status is pending and decline I hve no source off income nothing I’m unemployed please reinstate my sassa 350 .

  6. I’ve been calling from sassa regarding my r350
    Grant, someone stole my simcard and change my r350 grant number now I can’t do anything, even when I try to check status it says wrong number but sassa people keep on saying they will get back to me since last year please help

  7. I didn’t receive my money for this month January and I’m not working and i don’t know what is happening please help me

    1. I didn’t receive my money on January and I’m not working, I’m still in school, my status of last month says I have source of income. Can you please help me??

    2. my name is Zanele , please I need help , idon’t get 350 since 2022 please help me , I’m suffering I’m not working at all , no one can support me , sometimes I sleep at night without food, I lost parents at the age of 27, I really need this money please

  8. R350 is declining I don’t know why because I don’t work.And I don’t have any source of income in my account.

  9. Hi Sassa i applied for R350 and I was getting it till April last year,when I’m checking my status it’s approved only Jan this year that is pending so I just want to know what must I do.Thank u

  10. I Have no income but its been 2 years since I last receive the 350 grant I need it I’m unemployed please help me they keep on declining n say I have income source

  11. Hi ,I’m declined from 12 months 2022 reason for source of income & I’m not working & this month 2023 December I’m declined & I’m not working pls I need this money to buy food & clothes I need it seriously help me.

  12. It’s been a while since I haven’t gotten it and I want to change my banking details and phone numbers

    1. I’ve been trying to apply for over a month now, and it keeps saying “grant application already active” even though I have never applied before. Need urgent help!!!

  13. It’s really funny how the government denies us with this covid relieve social grant (350) which is not even enough to cover one’s basic needs! But will expect us to vote for them during elections 🙄. They treat us like kak and expect good from us🚮.
    I guess those people receiving the 350 will be the one’s voting for the ANC as they will be the one’s happy that they are receiving the social grant!!!!!

  14. hello im Tshweu Makume i lost my phone so i change my number from this number 073 403 55 to 067 902 79 its been 2month now nothing have change and i cant get OPT number to receive the cash can u you please help

  15. Hey Sassa I applied for the 350 grant in June and the application was successfully however when I want to check it,it tells me that I’ve entered using the wrong number but when I try to re-apply it says the application is already active
    Please help me out

  16. Hii sassa… basically someone else did the application with my knowings
    So I don’t know how to get the number for the application and I’ve been calling the sassa office since August they haven’t gotten back to me even now

    If you guys could really help me out will be much appreciated 🙏❤️

  17. Hi my name is flex I just turned 18 on the 30 of October yesterday I tried applying for my 350 but it says it’s already active how I don’t know please help

  18. Hi I applied for NSFAS but I’m currently not receiving it and my R350 keeps declining because I registered for NSFAS, I need help what can I do

  19. Hi im leighshey its bein past 3mnths nw i contacted appeals nd changed my cell number becoz my fone got stolen nd i cany recover da number i did my application up until now my status says failed plz tell me y

  20. My sim card broke and i cant use it anymore, and i would like to change my phone number but i cant they keep sending the pin to my old number that i does’nt work anymore can someone help please.

  21. My mother ..a 1945 old lady did get her old age grant on 03 november 2023
    What must she do to appeal against the declination

  22. I’ve applied for my dad and someone cancelled his R350 now I’m trying to apply again I’m failing please help…

  23. Hi I lost my phone and I don’t knw the phone numbers now I can’t change my numbers and I don’t even know my application ID.

    What can I do to change my numbers

    1. To Reapplication R30 follow these steps

      Visit our SASSA web portal at
      Click on the “Update your Existing Application for Reapplication” button.
      Provide your South African ID number and mobile number.
      Update your details as needed.
      Resubmit your social grant or SRD R350 grant application to SASSA.
      You can now check your SRD status online here

  24. Hy sassa some1 haz done grant with my nmbr en my I’d nmbr so now I’m unable to get to see what my status it can u please help

      1. I have been declined for February don’t know why as i do not have any income and i really need the money as were i am staying i have to pay the people with that R350

  25. I lost my phone early march i when i do sim swap its failed, i went to sassa office to change the number it went through, i can able to see approved and payday but when i go to boxer,shoprite,pick n pay its always declined,and i changed my number in September, what could be the cause of delay because the number has successfully changed and i called postbank they said i have money for 8months

  26. I want to change my phone number in my srd application cause I lost my phone number that I was registered with

  27. Hello I haven’t reapply for 2023 n I lost my phone number so when I try to get application I’d so I can change phone number, it shows “appld” on it so I don’t what to do n I’m far from sassa offices.
    What to do

  28. My R350 it’s been declining since January 2023 when I appeal its still declining .so what must I do? please help

  29. Hi I am here asking for help about my R350 I have a problem I didn’t get the paydates because I don’t have bank account.I have one thing certificate only I can’t open a bank account using certificate because I don’t have ID document or card .since I applied I was thinking there is option to receive money to retailers but nothing 😥💔
    Help I have been trying asking for help many many times. I am tired ,sassa did not attend my application why ?

      1. I’m waiting for my sassa r350 four months now I would like to know what should I do to get my payments cause it’s approved but I don’t go payment dates

  30. I applied i used to check my sassa status but now when i check it says my id number or my number is wrong its been months now trying to fix this but i can’t pls help

  31. How can I get my 2021 and 2022 payment because I have only received for 2023 but 2021 has vanished and 2022 doesn’t have playdates what can I do?

  32. I helped 5 different applicants with my mobile number when I ‘m trying to do mine it failed please help me what to do.

    1. I change my contact details,and I was assisted by sassa agents over the phone qnd it been 3 since I change my number and it still hasn’t changed.
      Can u plzz help

      1. Hii sassa… basically someone else did the application with my knowings
        So I don’t know how to get the number for the application

        If you guys could really help me out will be much appreciated 🙏❤️

  33. Hii sassa… basically someone else did the application with my knowings
    So I don’t know how to get the number for the application

    If you guys could really help me out will be much appreciated 🙏❤️

      1. Hi there what can I do since covid started my 350 was ontime suddenly last year Julie I stop receiving playdates it’s approved but no date since now

        1. Hi Sasha someone else did my Sassari grant with my knowings so I don’t know how to get my number if you could please help me I will really appreciate it .

          1. I also have the same problem, someone did my sasa grant without my knowing , now am struggling to find the number that was used to apply. I need help in finding the number

        2. Please help I want to change my number since my previous number does work anymore, and I keep on trying but it keeps saying I should use my previous number to change and it still send a pin number while I’m no longer using it.
          Please help

          1. Good day sir or madam, I register for SRD 350 grant last year I never receive iforgot the number iwas using, can u please change that number for me.
            Regards Khayakazi Nomandla

        3. Hi sir i lost mine sim card last year bt i did not get mine R350 form last year wot can u do abt that plz i jst need ur help plz bt i have another new number plz help me plz i will reali appreciate plz

          1. I applied sassa with my cousin number because my phone was broken screen now she’s no longer around and when I reapplied it sent her OTP please help I want to use my number

          2. I lost my sim card that I applied with and now is saying I have a prof of in come . which I do not .so how to change your application number.?

          3. Please help me update my contacts because I’ve lost the number that i registered with when i apply for sassa

          1. How do i get may paydate still waiting from august last year. Is there anyone that have got thy payments. All my dates is approved but know paday or date what can i do and my bank verification show verified so wot is my next stap plz guys

      2. Am asking for the for help with this srd r350 cos I really want to needed a but the problem is that I don’t get it keep saying that I pending please.

      3. Hii sassa… there is someone use my ID to apply with my R350
        So I don’t know how to get the number for the application please i really need help

      4. Hi im Rachel Nenzhelele from Limpopo Thohoyandou I did my application for R350 and i received it 3to6 months now it always declined and i don’t have any income so please can you check my application again because i didn’t the appeal but no luck

      5. Good morning sassa relief grant. I’m replaying because I’m currently not working and my phone number has changed to 081 830 40

          1. I’d like to know how September is approved and then October is declined and the reason states that I have a source of income which is not true.

          2. I’ve been trying to apply for srd since 2021 but I’m rejected declined and I’m not working unemployed since covid my status says Uif that I’m not receiving due to the company that was closed please help me reapply also the number that I used to apply is not registered to my name just found out now bcz I lost the number Sim swap rejected registered to someone else

      1. Hi there my name is Vanessa martin I have tried to change my cell phone number on my sassa srd with my Id number and application I’d but it keeps saying failed

    1. Hi sassa I want to change my banking details including my number banking details TymeBank acc number 510614296 my cellphone number 06552912 I really need this money because I’m not working please

    2. Hi ii got m 350 all the time but fot june September and October i ne er did withdraw the money but when i got there in the morning it shows incifficent funds so for the 3 month I never got the 350

    3. Hii sassa… basically someone else did the application with my knowings
      So I don’t know how to get the number for the application

      If you guys could really help me out will be much appreciated 🙏❤️

    4. Hey sassa srd my name is Ronald Mphaga I would to change my phone number please help me it’s been over 6 months since my srd declining

    5. Hello,someone else applied for the R350 using my ID number without my knowledge and now I have a problem and I don’t know what to do about this,please help me

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