Millions of South Africans Not Receive SASSA Grant Payments in January 2024

In a disturbing turn of events, millions of South Africans did not receive SASSA grant payments in January 2024. This situation has caused panic among citizens, and currently, 150,000 reports from distressed SASSA grant beneficiaries have been recorded by authorities following the payment failure this month. With 47% of the country’s population relying on social grants, nearly 27.73 million citizens did not receive their payouts for January 2024. However, Minister Lindiwe Zulu assures the reinstatement of unpaid people with a double payment in February 2024.

Millions of South Africans Not Receive SASSA Grant Payments in January 2024

In a reassuring statement, SASSA, the South African Social Security Agency, states: The failure in January payments was caused by errors in the verification system due to incorrect banking details provided by beneficiaries when applying for grants or changing their payment methods. SASSA assures that those who did not receive their January grant will get their due payment in the next payment cycle.

The primary issue for millions of South Africans who did not receive SASSA Grant Payments in January 2024 is “incorrect banking details.” If you are also a victim, SASSA has requested affected beneficiaries to dial the Call Centre at 0800 60 10 11 for inquiry or visit the nearest SASSA offices to file complaints. It is also important for beneficiaries to keep checking SASSA status online to receive timely updates regarding approved payments.

We have received complaints from SASSA grant beneficiaries involved with issues of withdrawing their grants at retailers and not receiving the credited amount in their bank accounts, as they did not receive their SASSA grant payment for January 2024.

  • The most common complaints were reported by parents and guardians who did not receive their January Child Support and Foster Child grant payments.
  • In addition to parents, War Veterans and Older Persons Grant recipients were negatively impacted, being unable to receive the much-needed funds for January.
  • Beneficiaries of Care Dependency and Disability Grants complained about delayed payments, both in online bank transfers to their accounts and grant payouts from retailers and the Post Office, with approval not being granted on exact payment dates.
  • Social Relief of Distress grants were also delayed, leaving thousands of beneficiaries without any payment for the January grant.

Unprocessed SASSA Grant Application for January 2024

SASSA has failed to bring relief to grant beneficiaries, further complicating matters for new applicants with the beginning of the new year. It has come to our attention that thousands of applicants are encountering difficulties in receiving feedback from SASSA and are also finding it hard to communicate with officials regarding their social grant applications. These reports contain.

  • SASSA Old Age Grant applications remain under process with no feedback provided by the national agency to the applicants on how they have not been processed and are still standing with pending verification.
  • SASSA Social Relief of Distress (SRD) R350 grant applications also did not receive approval for January, leaving beneficiaries struggling to update their application details with no communication for assistance.

SASSA Minister Lindiwe Zulu Working to Resolve Payment Concerns

Amidst numerous reported complaints, we have received assurance through official communication channels that Minister Lindiwe Zulu is actively addressing the SASSA payment issues. The current progress follows.

  • SASSA manifests that Child Support Grant beneficiaries will be reinstated for payment in February 2024 with double the payments.
  • SASSA has prioritized the reinstatement of Old Age beneficiaries for payment in January 2024, especially those who were not paid in December or experienced delays.
  • If you changed your SASSA bank details in December 2023, you will likely receive your grant payment in February 2024, starting from SASSA’s February 2024 Payment Distribution.
  • The beneficiary verification system at SASSA has encountered challenges that require fixing and will soon be resolved.
  • Communication channels are open for citizen assistance, and agency representatives will make additional public statements via appropriate platforms.

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  1. My SRD is approved with the payment date for March but when I check my Bank balance it is 0.00 I don’t know what to do, when I call their toll free number they say they are currently busy it’s been weeks now plz help

  2. I get the R350 SASA unemployment grant. for the past few months it says “Approved” Yet I haven’t been paid for the past two months. I use this money to buy Udemy courses to educate myself so I can get work or create work for myself and others. This is very Unfair

  3. sassa is stll paying our 350 via shoprite money market this year 2024?cs is pending since january and february but no poay day?

  4. Are we getting paid tomorrow even if they didn’t update the system because mine is not yet updated even though I did submit last month

  5. I visit to sassa branch they assist they reverse my money to bank but they did not reflect but this lady told me to update my status

  6. I’m approved for 8months without payment when I checked my status yesterday I only have a pay date for January 2024…. what happens to the other months do that just fall away??

  7. My phone was stolen I have aproved date but no reference nmb I have a bank account but it shows post-office what can i do please


  8. Good day

    I am parent to a son who was receiving disability grant but suddenly it stopped.
    According to the forms he is entitled to get it till June 2024 but he only got it for 5months which was till October.
    He did not receive November grant we went to the office in PTA they said he will get it in December but he got nothing.
    We went back they said January he would get it but still he didn’t.
    We went again mid January and still they said February but from the look of it he is not getting that because he got the 350 approved.
    How can I solve this problem because now it is over 3months and no luck


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