SASSA Status Pending

When your SASSA Status Pending it can be confusing and frustrating. Here, we will tell you the meaning of pending status and provide insights into the reasons behind it.

SASSA Status Pending

SASSA Status Pending indicates that your application is awaiting processing and may lack essential documents or pending bank details.

In such a situation, you can update your banking details through the Change Banking Details option in your SASSA account. Additionally, consider reaching out to the SASSA helpline for guidance on any other required details.

In the meantime, it’s advisable to review and verify the information provided in your social grant application update for accuracy.

SASSA Approval Process for Application

  1. Matching ID against databases: SASSA compares your ID against various databases such as SARS, UIF, and NSFAS to ensure accuracy and prevent duplication.
  2. Confirming other fund sources: SASSA verifies that you are not already receiving funds from their other services, such as the Social Relief Grant or the Social Relief of Distress Grant. This ensures the appropriate allocation of grants and prevents misuse.

These comprehensive checks might lead to a pending status until the SASSA authorities complete all necessary verifications. If you had an appeal for your declined application, you can check how Sassa Reinstate Declined Applications, you can do so by visiting the official website.

SASSA Status Check

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  1. The last time i got my r350 Grant it was 2021-20-03 all this month pending ..the pending til decline..i don’t understand they pending never approved…they pending till diclene

    1. My status for march is still pending and my status for December and October was approved but there are no dates

  2. You know what I don’t understand this, February was pending now is decline, I don’t get UIF you know what my appeal is still on verification fix, but if I check my status is declined I don’t understand.

  3. My sassa srd decline since November 2023 until now..when i want toe appeal the sassa appeal app doesn’t open .what must i do?

  4. Hi I’m oniccah pls help me to get 350 I’m nt working I have been declined reason source of income since December 2023 ,now still pending I need dis money crs mi number 071231409

  5. My months are approved but there is no dates please help when do I get my dates I’m very worried because my Christmas I have to spend whit no money and I can’t even provide for my children nothing its was a sad thing please help me

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