How to Fix SASSA Declined Social Grant Application

Here is a simple way to fix SASSA declined social grant application; and it is achieved by sending a reconsideration request to the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA).

Fixing SASSA Declined Social Grant Application

Before proceeding, it is important to identify the reason why your SASSA grant declined in first place. This information will enable you to address any specific issues or requirements in your appeal.

Online Reconsideration Request

  1. Visit the SASSA appeals website at
  2. Enter your ID number and the phone number used during the application process.
  3. Request a PIN, which will be sent to your registered phone number.
  4. Once received, enter the PIN and select the month for which you want to appeal.
  5. Choose the reason for the appeal and submit your request. Await the outcome of your appeal.

Telephone Reconsideration Request

  1. Call SASSA on 0800 60 10 11.
  2. Select option 3 to speak with a SASSA consultant.
  3. Lodge your reconsideration request over the phone.

Please keep in mind that the appeal process may take time, typically between 30 to 90 days. SASSA has acknowledged potential delays in handling reconsideration requests but is actively working to resolve them. Remember to submit a separate appeal for each month your application was declined.

Once you have submitted your reconsideration request, you can check SASSA status by visiting the official website, here:

SASSA Status Check

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  1. Hi there My name is KATLEHO please help me with my srd350 I got it at 2021oct. It’s referred l don’t know why

  2. Hello January and February I did not get my r350 I’m from pending to decline ever month I’m getting declined can you please help me what that please cos I don’t get more then r600 in my account if not right what people is doing to us we must go hungry to sleep when we can get that r350 to buy pap it will be a good thing for the children as will so please help us please

    1. I dont know why im getting declined because im not working and I can’t get the money in my account pls

      1. Hi am not working and i was received my grant money and my my sister deposit the money in my account to assit me; more than 1000 and thats why the cancel my srd grant pls assist me to get it back.

  3. I keep getting declined but I explained to sassa in an email that my sister sends money to my mother into my account and then I draw the money for her, if sassa checks properly they will see that the money is being send from a person and not from a business so I don’t have an income.

        1. Hi I don’t know R350 declined because we don’t get money from no one,,we just got hungry everyday but other people working everyday got fat salary’s every month end and weekly you gays don’t declined for them

  4. I didnt get my srd 350 from December 2023 it decline and now on January 2024decline why cause i didnt receive any income so plz help

    1. Hi i got my payments for january and february 2024 but for December 2023 it only still shows approved I did not recieve my paymemt

  5. I didn’t get my srd money bcs of someone use my account to receive his money from where he was holding a piece job nd it’s been six months I didn’t receive please help

  6. I didn’t receive my December srd cause someone used my account to receive his money from where he was holding piece job

    1. No.. I’m not sure you people you have reason for why you decline us I have R20 you said income you people you’re not human being you’re animals you can’t feel as you do wrong we keep appeal nothing happens, no you all wrong if was you how you will feel you know you are not working but some one do this to you.?

      1. I have lost my phone last year and when I check my status it says declined since last year January want to apply for appeal which I did last didn’t get feedback so want to change number but it says failed everytime I try don’t know what is happening

  7. I have been declined since August till now just because I have been receiving money from betway….This is not fair

  8. Hi my appeals are talking long to approve since last antill know what must do August. March. July 2023.and months that decline January and February 2023 please help.

  9. Hi it’s me isaac mofokeng..I’m not working when I try to appeals for my R350 srd it’s says decline I don’t know why because I’m jobless pls help

  10. Hi my R350 was declined again ,i.dont have a income im still struggling to get a job ,please can you fix the problem .I am in need Please .Thank you.

  11. Hi my R350 was declined for 2019 because of Uif and i am not working I didn’t even work befor plz help me.

  12. I lost my phone and itโ€™s not easy for me to change my banking details and Iโ€™ve last received my R350 grant payment since 2021 November, please help Iโ€™m not working .

  13. My R350 have approved but no pay day…now it’s ‘ve been 3 months my i don’t get R350 but status has approved

  14. My 350 for last year December decline and it says because of the money that i receive but i didn’t receive any money i did appeal but even today it hasn’t been approved

  15. Hi my 350 grant he told me to there is no card record when go to widraw money please help me maybe 10 Times now

  16. Hi my 350has decline I think it’s because some guy use my card to get his payment bcoz he doesn’t have a card what can I do๐Ÿ˜ญ

  17. Hello sir/ madam Im asking you to fix my sassa srd 350 please is declining since May up until now so can you please assist ..I really in need of the money please..I’m not working

  18. Hi I’m mudau tshifhiwa some of my R350 decline and I do not have a sorce of in come into my bank account why please help me to find out

  19. Hi my is Luthando Mosana my srd grant for September was declined, I do not get any income at all and I did lodge an appeal. Will you please assist me?

  20. I’ve been decline in july and August the reason why in june i deposit the money in my bank card 1000 which was not belongs to me.Now september approve.So how about these two months how can i do to get paid for them.

  21. hi can you please help me to change my cellphone number because I have been contacting SARS offices for long time and they say they will help me but still my number have been not changed.

    1. You can do it online 1st report your old number as lost sim already mention above then go to SASSA account and edit personal info and add your new number otherwise visit SASSA office it will be fast and easy for you.

  22. Hi my name is Jim Malepe my srd grant of August is declined and i don’t know why because i don’t have any source income

  23. Hi, my name is Rebecca Mogano, my srd Grant of August is declined because of my sister send me money on my other bank account. Can you please assist me. Thank you.

          1. Since May please help coz I never work and I just get grant for my children 2. Since declined

      1. I registered since last year also did appeals for several times up until now, but still I don’t get r350 and other months showing the date but the money not reflecting in my account

          1. My September 350 i didn’t receive because someone used my account to send money even now he did the same mistake

          1. Didn’t receive my January sassa grant. They have declined my money because they say I have in income. I don’t have any income. I’m unemployed.

        1. This thing is not fair…
          Some of our friends and families they sent us money for different reasons.. example for grannies medication… once they sent you the money.. you in trouble they identify you as as source of income

          1. This is so true they decline you for no reason at all but they forget we also need to survive as we cannot survive on R350 alone as we also have to pay rent/buy food/clothing/water and lights/ and like u said medication as clinics and hospitals don’t always have them

        2. I didn’t get sasaa because my cousin send me 100 two times a month so I’ve been decline nd I’m unemployed

        3. My earliest payment was provided but after that rejected and ever since I appeal but I see paydate but I never received the money so who’s collecting and why is giving me problems?

          1. Decline since 2021 in 2022 September that’s when I received R350 reason it state source of income I mistakenly entered my grandmom account no so plz hlp

        1. Hi I tried for the 350 from April and it was declined cause my UIF was finished and I have no other sauce of income which I’m desperate cause I’ve 3kids to feed

      1. I was declined June August October and February why but received nothing in my account I appeal for that months but not received anything

      2. Declined on November 2023 it says identified source of income…and i don’t have it was only money sent for my mom in my account

      3. Khohlwa that’s the way they flush us out of the system….they jst decline me Fr no apparent reason….my financial status is still the same as the day I applied…I really don’t know what changed.

      1. Hi my 350 was approved the date was on 25 of March but I didn’t get it I want to know why help please

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