Lost SASSA Reference Number

Your SASSA Reference Number is used to track your application when you want to submit an appeal for a declined grant, reapplication, or change banking details. If have Lost SASSA Reference Number, which you received with a receipt when you have apply for SASSA grant application, we help you find it using your phone.

Lost SASSA Reference Number

To retrieve your lost SASSA Reference Number using your mobile phone, please follow these steps.

  1. Dial the USSD code *120*3210# on your cell phone.
  2. A prompt will appear on your mobile phone display.
  3. Enter your South African ID number.
  4. Provide the Cell Phone Number you used to submit your SASSA online application.
  5. After responding to the prompt, you will receive your SASSA Reference Number.

Here’s an example of what a SASSA Recipient Reference Number looks like: “555 8822 STATUS.”

  • Important Notice: Please ensure that you dial the SASSA Reference Number Code using the same Cell Phone Number that you used when applying for your SASSA grant. Using a different phone number not registered for SASSA grant applications will not work.


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  1. Hi 1 January decline to mach decline . I not working im safaring . So collecting 350 February ongle today April 1to 30 not receive 350 still peinding today pending .

  2. Hi I lost my sim card snd phoe last year and I strage to make a sim swap so I would like to change my number .Can you help me please

    1. Am not using the same cell phone number.i lost the SIM card 4 years ago that I applied my Srd grant with..

  3. I lost my phone its been 2 years now so when i got an another phone i couldn’t sim swap with the number i registered with i have the number now i can log in my stastus but the are no dates shown

  4. i never applied for the 350 grant by the time I try to apply the application was considered as an existing. I want to change the number so I can check and receive 350

  5. Hi i lost my phone struggling to change my number application id shows failed and need to change banking details as well help please

  6. My sassa grand is already active and I don’t know the phone number and who the person is who registered can someone please help

  7. I changed my number and transferred my 350 to my Capitec card,but then I lost the number without knowing it.Its been 7months now not receiving my Sassa 350 please help because I don’t know why it doesn’t pop on my bank card then…

  8. Somehow my account is already active and I don’t know what the phone number and I don’t have any application id so someone please help

    1. Bonakele Tedlamy I’d 791225090508 my number066003639 my problem is I never get money from much 2023 they approve BT I never get February may June BT they approve BT nothing

    1. I have been not able to get my money for the past 7 months and am still waiting for a link my name is Thabo john Monageng

  9. Hy my 350 approved and date it in but I’m not found my 350 on August still today what’s happening but I’m not working properly

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