How to Update SASSA Grant Application

If you have an active SRD R350 grant application or previously failed SASSA social grant, you have the option to update your grant application with the correct response, fix any errors, or add the required documents to the screening questionnaire. Here’s how:

Steps to Update SASSA Grant Application

  1. Log in to your account on the government application portal.
  2. Navigate to the section that allows you to update or edit your application. This may be labeled as “Update Application” or “Edit Application Details.”
  3. Provide your application reference number or any other required identification information to access your application.
  4. Review the information you previously submitted and identify any errors or missing documents.
  5. Correct any errors or provide updated information, including changing bank details Sassa.

SASSA Status Check

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  1. I’ve been trying to apply since after 2021. Up until now still struggling. The Government should hav other means of helping ppl. And the sassa offices they refuse to help. They say go on line. Please help.

  2. Everytime I try to check status it says the number entered are incorrect…I’ve tried every number I remember but nothing is happening

  3. Hi, please note that since I’ve applied for the 350 grant I’ve received for few months then declined along the way. So, I want to change numbers and banking details. My id is 88042802960

    1. Hi my srdsassa 350 declined from September to January i received approved one on December and February reason to declined was changed of surname i appeal no luck pls help me . Thanks

  4. Hi
    I got gold card but change it to my bank account in October but for December I didn’t receive any payment and in November I got the money through my gold card but for December absolutely nothing

    1. Theres no way people who have been paying for tax could suffer like these ,government should introduce a team apart from the sassa grant application form receivers, who will run audit and check why people stay so long without being paid.these grant goes the sassa workers account after being approved and they later on give you a single payment These government running these their officials are very very corrupt and they need to privately be audited and held accountable and be jailed for years .they are fraudulent they are master of stealing .when new government takes over all these will come to an end

  5. Hi I have been accepted,from January up until now,olny received money from June and the other months doesn’t have pay date,what should I do.

  6. I get only R1100 old age grant because of my husband’s previous bank profile. It has changed as he lost everything. I am now struggling to live. How can I get my old age pension reviewed?

  7. I have been trying to change my number but the site where iam suppose to do that keeps on saying it cannot be reached,what do I do.

  8. It’s been a while I called the sassa number for them to change my number but I haven’t received any messages or calls

  9. Hi I’m having a big problem changing my number for the past 4 months this is no longer on…. U people r giving alot of us people the run around…. Seem that there’s no help it’s time to get the media in maybe just maybe u people will open ur eyes

  10. Hey…. You know what I have had enough with this Sassa grand R350. People learn to make your own money depending on the government will keep you stuck where you are just forget about and learn to work on your own. Work hard as you can to make the best of disorder life style ey. #SOCIAL GRANTS CREATES LAZINESS!!! People wake up. South Africa WAKE UP. Stop bothering Sassa with these silly questions ey. If you have any question just know that there are no more answers regarding R350.00 social grants. πŸ™ƒ please don’t be mad at me. I’m just telling the honest truth ey.

  11. Hi since April last year I haven’t received my 350 grant, I have updated my banking details and it’s active I reapplied, when checking my details it always waiting for reapplication don’t know what to do anymore.

  12. Since last year October 2022 I didn’t receive my srd grand would you please help me because i did not receive any amount

  13. good day, I tried to apply for my child, SRD grant it says active, but we can’t get in to update her details like bank account, etc., please assist with that note. thank you.

  14. My srd sassa grant is since December 2022 approve but no pay dates and I already update my banking details

  15. My grandmother would like to apply for a child grant for a child we have been raising for almost 15 years, and also goes to school this side. Her mother has been getting the grant all along in Limpopo but doesn’t send any money through. Please advise if we can open it since the child is living with her and the mother just sent the birth certificate.

    1. How come a ascalation go up until seven months while I saveral time to call them ,they say someone was trying to still my r350 grant.

  16. Hi im still waiting on my child care dependency grant of R2080 on the 7th of Sept 2023…it mysteriously dissapeared wen i made a withdrawal at Food World in Atlant3is
    Whos gonna assist me havent received nothing till this day

      1. It always say that my application already active but i trying everyday please can you check for me πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ™

    1. Good day…iv been struggling with likes of sassa and vodacom service.. I have requested a number change for over 8 – 9 months if not longer.. number one vodacom has given the registered number that signed up with to someone else. .. and basically not helping with liless of changing it.. numerous of times asked them and don’t seem to get a response to help. Number 2 , I spoke to the likes of sassa regards to the change, and they also have been not forthcoming regardin the processing and assistance in regards to the change of my number and the update of the banking details.. can I please get help from anyone? This government and services provider has genuinely not providing some of us, that really need their assistance. .. I am so disappointed, including Vodacom for STealing the numbers we purchase and then selling it to others , with no real reasoNing.. please help me to make this right anyone..!!

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