SASSA Status Check Declined

We understand the significance of addressing SASSA Status Check Declined, which can result from ongoing SASSA verifications leading to the declination or cancellation of your grant. It is imperative that you promptly perform SASSA status check online to stay informed about the issue. The SMS you receive for a Declined decision will clarify the circumstances, whether it is related to the SASSA Review, Means Test, or a technical problem.

You need to recognize the reason behind your SASSA Status Check Declined to proceed with a SASSA Appeal for Reconsideration. This is the right given to all applicants to have another chance by lodging an online appeal for each declined month. This is a common concern for both existing beneficiaries and new applicants seeking social grant benefits. To assist you in understanding the reasons behind a SASSA Declined decision, we will empower you to seek a proper solution.

SASSA Status Check Declined

To understand why your SASSA Status Check Declined, it is essential to understand the reasons behind the refusal of your R350 Grant or Social Grant application. You can review the following factors to ascertain the causes.

Alternative Income Source Identified

Your bank account balance exceeds R624, making you ineligible as per the established means test criteria. This amount has been increased by the SASSA national agency from the previous limit of R350.

Identity Verification Failed

Your personal information (national ID) does not match the details provided for the SASSA grant application details in the Department of Home Affairs records. This leads to SASSA Status Check Failed.

Already a SASSA Recipient

You were already a recipient of another SASSA grant during the reconsideration period, making you ineligible for a secondary grant unless you are a recipient of SASSA Grant-In-Aid.

NSFAS Registered

Your ID is registered with the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS). In this case, your application will be declined to allocate resources to other eligible applicants.

UIF Registered

You have received Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) benefits as a worker during the waiting period.

Government Employee

You are a Public Service Employee in a government institution and are entitled only to the Government Employees Pension Fund (GEPF), not SASSA benefits.

Age Outside the Range

You did not meet the age requirement during the approval period, either being older than 60 years or under 18 years old for an R350 grant, unless you are an old age grant applicant, or a Sassa children grant applicant.

Deceased Record in DHA

Your ID was found registered as deceased (dead person) in the Department of Home Affairs database during the SASSA verification period. If this happens your grant will be terminated permanently.

Appeal for SASSA Status Check Declined

After identifying the reasons for your SASSA Status Check Declined, you can Appeal SASSA for reconsideration so that your SASSA application can be reconsidered within the next 90 days.

This process allows you to address any discrepancies or issues that led to the initial decline, potentially resulting in a successful approval of your application and the associated benefits.


  1. Sassa 350 grant is not good , tell me why i never receive my 350 because im not working and its been years not working but it declined please sicela ningenelele and deliver to your promise thanks!

  2. Hi I’ve been getting money from sassa. But it stopped all of the sudden. I’m not receiving any money except for sassa. I did appeal but nothing. Kindly assist

  3. I was recieving my r350 with no problems all these months but from September I didn’t receive it , October and November still I didn’t receive it and I’m afraid that I won’t recieve it even this month .Im not employed ,the money I recieved in my bank account was deposited. I deposited it because sometimes I bet on betting platforms .. please consider my request for an appeal ‘september , October , November’.

  4. I don’t know how to explain this but I have been declined for so many months that I can not tell you say that we should apply but keep on declining me

  5. I lost my sim card 3 months ago now in November R350 decline reason source of income which is not true because I don’t have money.and if itry changing of phone number I failed, I don’t know what to do now

  6. October I received 350 November decline ,why can’t you stop what your doing cause you didn’t give me srd for whole 1 year

  7. I was receiving my 350 grant without any problems until I got married and changed my surname,so now I tried appealing several times it still declines and says “identity verification failed”

  8. I was declined for children support grant but as I know that money belongs to children.but I was receiving money without any problem.

  9. I was declined on my srd R350 grant for an alternative income, i have no money and i sometimes use the sports betting app to generate income.. So i don’t know why i was declined for September..

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