Check SASSA Balance

If you are a SASSA cardholder, you can check SASSA balance on your phone without going to an ATM. You will need your ID number and the cell phone number that you used to submit your SRD R350 grant application or SASSA social grant to get your balance inquiry.

We help you check your SASSA balance on your phone using the USSD code. It is crucial to check your balance inquiry every month, before and after receiving your monthly approved grant. This ensures proper management of your funds and transaction history.

Check SASSA Balance

With a balance inquiry, you can check how much grant money you have available in your SASSA account. This allows you to withdraw any exceeding amount before the next payday to avoid reverse payments, which can occur when your account has more than R624. Here is how to check your SASSA balance.

  1. Dial *120*69277# on your phone.
  2. Follow the prompts.
  3. Provide your ID and Cell phone number.
  4. You will receive an SMS containing your Sassa balance report.

In case you encounter a busy service or are unable to reach the prompt using the first code, you can use the second code service will be available for the SASSA balance inquiry.

  1. Dial *120*3210# on your phone.
  2. Follow the prompts.
  3. Enter yoru details, including yrou ID number and phone number.
  4. Receive your SASSA balance inquiry details via SMS.

SASSA grant balance inquiry without airtime

You can check your SASSA account balance for child grants, old age, and other social grants by visiting the nearby SASSA Service Center or using your SASSA Gold card at an ATM with your PIN. This way, you can check your SASSA account balance without the need for airtime.

Check my SASSA grant balance on phone

To check your SASSA (South African Social Security Agency) balance with airtime, you can use the following method: Dial the USSD code *120*69277# on your mobile phone and follow the prompts to check your SASSA balance. This service is free and available 24/7, and you will receive a confirmation SMS with details about your SASSA balance for a particular grant.

  • Note: Keep your SASSA balance below R624, as this is the limit for eligibility criteria for every monthly grant. If SASSA Review finds more money in your account, you will not be considered eligible for the grant, and your grant will be reversed for that month. It is advised to withdraw any exceeding amount using your SASSA Gold Card at a nearby ATM before SASSA payment dates to ensure that you receive your grant when Sassa Status has been approved.

Check SASSA Status

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  1. Hi there. My 350 grant was approved last month with date and all but when I went to go and draw it the money was not paid in, it’s now 31 days later and still I have not received any money, I have tried your ussd codes, your site your WhatsApp but nothing worked.

  2. I have 25mhts approved with no paydates I opened a Tymebank account.I updated my bank account numerous times.still waiting on paydates.what can I do.

  3. This things is not good enough for other people because they don’t even get that srd R350 it says you have alternative income while you are not working,, an am falling to understand that this R350 is for these who are lucky to have it or what.. Since I’ve registered i got it only for 2021 since then it says i have alternative income 🙄🙄 i really don’t appreciate that

  4. I applied for R350 grant and I see now that my March 2023 and February 2023 was approved do I have a possibly chance to get my grant if I go to collect on those organisations they deal with R350 grant and it is my first time what I must bring to collect grant please assist me.

    1. I have the same problem but no one is willing to assist even when I call them kuyafana nje I even emailed them but the response isnt helping either

  5. All past dates say if registered declined,bit now I got only september this year, what Abt all those months it’s claims that I was registered coz is nothing changed .since coronavirus I’ve struggled without aid wer is my past moneys I haven’t received if I got it now?

  6. I apply &it says my application is active when I enter my nu its say failed,its seems like someone use my id to apply that’s why I use my nu 078144445

      1. My 350 is now declining saying Im getting some source of income but there is no money I’m getting besides child grant started on September and October…I even filled an appeal it’s still pending…will it approve??

  7. Hi since I applie my social grant I got an SMS says my number has been I can’t receive my money I can’t even checke my status. I only received twice last year October it’s was my first and last time I received it

  8. My grant i think some one changed my phone number because i sassa HelpLine they said they would send me alink till today it been 6 month’s now

    1. Am not werking no R350 I don’t know why some was used my account 1 months ago still NW am not recieved R350 my name is Godfrey mabasa my I’d is 850101650508 my number is 076799958 every month was declared

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