Why SASSA Grant Application Declined

If your South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) grant application has been declined, you can find out why it was declined and learn what steps you can take to address the issue.

We assist you in understanding why your SASSA Application Declined and guide you through the necessary steps to prepare for SASSA Reconsideration by removing any discrepancies or errors.

Why SASSA Grant Application Declined

After checking your SASSA status online, if you discover that your grant application has been declined, there could be several reasons, as reported by the Department of Social Development (DSD) and the Home Affairs Department.

1. Insufficient Information

Your application may lack crucial details or supporting documents, leading to its rejection. To avoid potential setbacks, ensure that you provide accurate and complete information.

2. Alternative Income Source

SASSA carefully examines your financial situation and income sources. If you have a regular income exceeding R595 per month, including funds received through e-wallet accounts or cash-send services, your application may be declined.

3. Existing SASSA Grant

SASSA guidelines state that individuals already receiving a social grant are not eligible for the R350 grant. This ensures fair distribution of resources among applicants.

4. Identity Verification Issues

Inaccurate identity verification during the application process. Errors such as misspelt names, surnames, or missing letters can result in verification failures. Your ID number, name, and surname exactly match your ID document or Smart ID card to be verified.

5. Other Government Benefits

If you are already benefiting from programs like NSFAS or UIF, you may not qualify for the R350 grant. These programs have their eligibility criteria and may exclude individuals receiving the R350 grant.

6. Age Restrictions

The R350 grant is specifically designed for individuals aged between 18 and 60. Applicants outside this age range do not meet the eligibility criteria and may face a decline.

7. Fraudulent Activity

SASSA has measures in place to prevent fraud and maintain the integrity of the system. If your application is associated with fraudulent activities or if you are registered as a perpetrator of fraud, it may be declined.

8. Employment and Income Tax Contributions

If SASSA finds that you have been employed and have made income tax contributions, your application may be declined.

9. Discrepancies with Department of Home Affairs’ Records

If the personal details you provided do not match the records of the Department of Home Affairs, your application may be declined.

10. Current Recipient of Another Social Grant

If you are already receiving a social grant other than a child grant, you may not qualify for the R350 grant.

11. Registered with NSFAS or UIF

Being registered with and benefiting from the National Student Fund Aid Scheme (NSFAS) or the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) can make you ineligible for the R350 grant.

12. Employment in a Government Institution

If you are employed in a government institution, you may not qualify for the R350 grant or any other social grant. Government servants, only those who are retired, such as War Veterans and Older Persons, can apply for SASSA grants. Currently employed individuals will face rejection.

13. Age Limitations

If you do not meet the age requirements or are above 60 years old, your SRD grant may be declined. This is based on particular grant requirements.

14. Deceased Status on Home Affairs Database

If you are registered as deceased on the Department of Home Affairs database, your grant application may be declined.

SASSA has implemented strict measures against recipients of social grants. In January 2024 alone, SASSA blocked 74,000 deceased fraudulent accounts.

Important Note

If SASSA denies your application, you have the option to appeal SASSA through the Department of Social Development. This should be done within 30 days of the rejection notice, and the instructions for appealing are typically provided in the rejection notification. Remember, it’s crucial to request an appeal for each declined month to avoid the original decision being upheld.

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  1. This January they declined cause my little sister put money on my account so that’s why. Please help l need this money

  2. I have received only 4months 350for 2023and I have change my banking details already but I don’t get my other 10months who have pay dates

  3. I have a problem in my 350 always decline and say i have some money received, my 350 start to decline from last year April till to day… I really need this money it help me please give me my 350.

  4. I received sassa, but i got married in october 2023. I haven’t changed my surname yet, but we received marriage certificate. Now im declined because of identity verification….How do i fix it?

    1. Tumelo my SRD grand was not played due to the my tax return but the money was a once off payment so It was declined because of that.

  5. I have a problem in my R350 says decline because of UIF,l am no longer qualify for Uif already claimed month ago.

  6. I don’t work but this month I don’t get my 350 and this money help me a lot now I don’t know what can I do pls help me

  7. Money declined for November and I had no money on my card only R500 grant for my child was on the card. And I’m unemployed please help me

  8. Im unemployed
    No source of income my application declined because im an artist nd i was booked for that particular time
    I really depend on this 350 to keep me going finding work

  9. I have proble here, i don’t get 350 sassa grand and I am not working.the money I get every month is for community social club and is only R1000

  10. I’ve been trying so many times it give me messages says decline from February n what surprised me is sep is been approved but October is declined now November shows pending what is exactly happening cause I don’t have any income but it shows source of income identifyd pls help

  11. I do not have a job ,and i have been skiped every month when i had to get my R350 ,Please check what os wrong ,because i really need the money ,I don’t have a job .🙏

  12. My r350 from October to December is declined and i did appeal it still says declined due to alternative income and ghe us no money in my account

  13. Hi my sister was registered Fr sassa grant and she was receiving it in stores but from 2021 she no longer get it but if she check my status it says it approved until June 2023 then aftr June it’s declining although it was approved but
    she ddnt get it

  14. My sassa is declined, and i don’t know why because there is no income. But this month, is declined. Please, send my money back. i don’t have another income in my account. So don’t make decline in my account.

  15. Its been six months now my 350 its approved there after waiting for a date its says reffered i don’t a understand plz help

  16. I have been declined for 12 months because of income source identified and im no longer working and my appeal also declined and i need this money

  17. I’m no longer working from 2021. So my account have 00 amount. But R350 decline. Sometimes my brother sent me 200 to pay my funeral cover. After sending the srd decline. What can i do course R350 not covered my expenses for month.the society and food.

  18. I didn’t get my September 350 and I don’t know why because there’s no money I recieve in my account without my betway funds only

  19. My months was approved and I just had to update my account details then some of my months just disappeared

  20. I didn’t get my R350 . I don’t know what happened because I don’t get any money. So happened so many times

    1. all i can say is that our government is greedy n selfish cause they’ve closed the post office purposely so that we’re unable to receive our 350 all this started when they introduced the new system of collecting from groceries store’s

  21. My saasa grant declined because of where I was working they paid me my leave days one year later after I no longer working there so can you please help me

    1. I’m not working,when my baby father diposit his baby’s money into my account,booom my srd is always decline

    1. Am 18 years now ,and unemployed when I try to apply for sassa grand is says I already did but when I status check it says error I don’t know what happened
      And yes I received money but I no longer receiveing it because I don’t go to school anymore please help me I need the money because I don’t work

  22. Why my R350 dealing that money coming in my account I playing bettabets to cover my family I’m not working from 2021 an tell now please help me with that money for 350

      1. August and September declined it says these a sorce of income,bt lm not working l don’t have any other income besides R350 grant.

      1. NSFAS registered ,
        Before I was registered for NSFAS when I was a student.
        I am no longer a student now

          1. I have a problem here in my sassa 350 grant im not working but 350 keep declining me why because it keeps saying i have income resources which im dont know please provide mde with my 350 sassa please

      2. You say a person’s status declines if you’re receiving 🤔 a UIF but mine was already stopped ✋ in January by the time ⏲ I applied for 350srd so I fail to understand why I failed to receive it in February and March or it was declined. So please consider 🙏 my application for those two months. My name is Mpho Elizabeth Ramathinyane.

          1. Am not working and my july. August .september and november 2023srd sassa said source of income an l need this money becouse it helps me a lot.thank you

          2. Good day my R 350 was declined and say sorse of income and I don’t work please life is tuff out here in December and now January

        1. I’m Nontle Majabeka ever since 2023 I’m not received any R350 I don’t know why because of I’m not working any more…even my appeals not received…

      3. I was getting my from uif long time ago,I no longer a part of UIF but still sassa is pending December, January, please help

      4. I have a problem 😭 my SRd grant is on and off while I don’t have any payments it’s been long I got it in December but other months please

      5. I don’t have any work please 🙏 I need this money please no parents to take care of me I am living life of straggler

    1. I have a problem to appeal my R350
      An it tells me that,I have an incoming source..An am not working..The money that I get into my account is the one I worked before..

      Yours sincerely
      MJ MELLO

      1. Please choose other payment option like Moya app or post office and make sure your bank account stay low otherwise your grant will be declined in future.

        1. It’s also now a year I don’t get my 350 because of uif reasons and I don’t get uif for this year I don’t get my 350 why

        2. I was getting declined in 350 and I am not working then I do appeal but still I declined so I don’t no how must I suppose to do and I need that money cause crc no one provide me 🥺💔

    2. I was getting my relief fund throughout till this month, just because I am looking for a Job and my distance family will send me money here and there to Make copies of my documents for a Job applications, I am so surprised this November month my relief fund was not sent through, I am still unemployed and depending on a Relief Fund.. Please assist.

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