Who Can Claim SASSA Funeral Benefits

SASSA does not offer funeral benefits. State-funded funerals in South Africa are managed by other organizations. If you need funeral coverage, you should explore options from private insurance companies, social services, or municipalities.

After the death of a SASSA beneficiary, SASSA is not responsible for providing social grants to other family members unless they have applied separately. However, the full SASSA grant is paid for the month of the beneficiary’s death. SASSA may provide social relief grants for various expenses, including those related to deceased beneficiaries.

Recipients should know, SASSA’s assistance and grants focus on basic needs like food, shelter, and clothing. For funeral-related financial coverage, you need to seek help from other sources.

For online status check service, you can visit official website here.

SASSA Status Check

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  1. My mother was a Sassa pensioner. She passed away on the 23rd of Dec, can I apply Sassa funeral benefit to cover some of her funeral costs

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