SASSA WhatsApp Number

SASSA has introduced a WhatsApp support service for South African applicants. This service allows individuals to check their SASSA status and seek assistance with other matters related to social grants and SRD R350 applications.

SASSA WhatsApp Number

You can add the SASSA WhatsApp number, “0820468553,” to apply for the SRD R350 grant, check your application status, and access information related to grant issues. This is the only official Sassa WhatsApp number that is used to submit your R350 applications, check your status and communicate to resolve problems if your grant is not received.

Applying for SASSA R350 Grant

The official SASSA WhatsApp number serves as a convenient way to apply for the R350 grant. Instead of navigating complex forms and procedures, you can apply with just a few taps on your phone. Here’s how you can use WhatsApp to apply for a Sassa grant.

  1. Save the SASSA WhatsApp number, “0820468553,” as a contact on your phone.
  2. Open a chat with Sassa on WhatsApp.
  3. Send a message saying ‘SASSA’ to initiate the application process.
  4. You will receive a prompt, reply with ‘SRD R350 Application.’
  5. Provide your details and submit a complete application form.

Check SASSA R350 Grant Status

The SASSA R350 grant, often referred to as the SRD (Social Relief of Distress) grant, is an important financial support for many South Africans.

To use WhatsApp for the SASSA R350 grant status check, you will need to follow these steps.

  1. Open your saved chat with Sassa Whatsapp.
  2. Send a message by typing ‘SASSA.’
  3. When prompted, reply with ‘SRD R350 Status’
  4. You will receive a report about your R350 grant application status.

This will prompt the system to provide you with the current status of your SASSA application, helping you stay informed every step of the way.

SASSA Status Check

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  1. Hi like I said my March sassa says approved but no date yet. I did my status check ,I was shocked by what I’ve discovered, a few months in the year2020 states irp5 registered I went back to appeal to my disadvantage it was changed while I was busy trying to find out what that means,what I found was there’s a payment date the 19th of the 7th month 2021,there’s about 4 payments made of money that I never received, I wanna know what’s happening, there’s previous years and months that I’ve been declined other sauce of income and I know there was no money or under the amount of 500 rand,I need answers ,now plz

  2. Since the R350 started i’ve been getting it but from last year Feb am not getting the moneh, it says ive got an income that r fony know of am not getting the money.

      1. Hi am disabled but they declined my application 2 times now stating am not disabled even they see my disability is visible

  3. I applied for srd grant since 2022 but unto date I haven’t received any 350 it says status decline and I’m unemployed with no income, could it be affected by the fact that I once used NSFAS while I was studying

    1. I apply for srd grant ,I’m not working at all but there are months that say decline pls help my no 0

  4. Since ive got 1750 last year for the first time ever since 350 started Nd it’s show approved no paydates and I’ve lost my bank card

  5. I’m Nomzamo, I haven’t been receiving R350 grant since August 2022,it says approved but no pay dates(it’s Null),what does that mean? I’m unemployed

  6. I have been approved since 2022 but not payment but there is dates and my banking details are updated can I please get an explanation

  7. Ever since I’ve applied for 350grant never got any payments. Now I’ve changed my phone number,i want to reapply I can’t because my grand is active.

  8. I have tried to change my contact number but it’s says failed can you help me i have months without receiving anything at all

  9. I don’t understand why there will no reason to explain why the R350 would say in the check status declined and we wait for the date to be paid. Now when I’m checking online it says approved but I didn’t receive the money it’s really disappointing…

  10. I have a problem with my application i did apply on the 24 of November 2023 … i need help with the SRD350

    1. I wan’t get my 350 go 5 months cos souce income bt I’m not working no source income I have only child Grant

  11. My son who just turned 18 and got his ID, tried to apply, only for an error coming back saying his already active, none of our phone numbers match with his ID and we are not receiving funds, so someone is committing fraud, please can someone email me and assist urgently

    Name: Zayden Ryan Davids
    ID: 050308544408

  12. My srd grant was stopped ,ive never received my August, September, October, November and December money . I appealed but there was no payment made

  13. What must I do about my srd sassa everything is right they said it’s going to be late payment but am still waiting from July tell now

  14. I have a similar problem of not being able to change my banking details because it requires an OTP number. I don’t have the current cell number so am unable to access my profile in order to change banking or contacts. This is proving to be very fustrating because I have not received payments since July 2022 with 13 approved months but NO Paydates.
    Please assist in this because am unemployed.

  15. I need to change my number on my SRD APPLICATION bcz the number u have on it i lost so i need to change it to the number i have now please help AND MY GRANT HAS BEEN DECLINE SINCE FEB UP UNTIL LAST MONTH THIS MONTH IS STILL PENDING AND ALL MY APEALS ARE STIL PENDING ASWEL AND THEY SAY THE WAITING FRAME IS 30 TO 60 DAYS I HAVE BEEN 200 DAM DAYS

  16. I have a problem when I apply it says my application already active when I check status it says number doesn’t match with I’d please help

  17. How can I will get 350 because I didn’t receive that money since March until November but I have payment date when I go to collect from shop they said nothing please I need help will you please send me a fit beg when how

  18. hi my name is siyabonga,ive been working for like 3 year ago now im not but my sassa still declining saying source of income but i longer receive money in my bank what can i do

  19. Hi I would like to know my what could be the reason my application is declined my bank account is zero balance I am not working it was approved In August but September declined It is now for a long time am not working but not getting this Sassa srd

  20. The change number portal is not working good ppl and it’s been months now. What can I do to be assisted

  21. Sasa le 350 ifunyanwa ngabatheni kant kunin alwayz decline,ei im not working sasa please fix this.i only get it once on march,why ndingayifumani ngoku okanye ayindifanelanga mna?

  22. Hi

    My R350 has shown approved and playdate for August and September but no money in bank. I have tried to communicate using WhatsApp but it doesn’t respond at all, even though my text shows two ticks. Before July I didn’t have these challenges but I was declined a payment on July since my account exceeded the limit of R700 bit after that I haven’t received money even when I’m approved and playdate is shown on my status.


  23. y 350 was declined last month, and when i check my status entering my number. It says FAILED, and i want to check my number and do an appeal. I need your help with appearl and change of number.

  24. My 350 was declined last month, and when i check my status entering my number. It says FAILED, and i want to check my number and do an appeal. I need your help with appearl and change of number.

    1. I didn’t get my sassa payments for September, October, November, when I checked my sassa status it says approved but no payment date, is because of corruption I may ask, I’ll have to visit the headoffice to get the clarification

  25. My R350 for September is declined I would like to know what could be the problem cz m not working n m not receiving any money

      1. I have a problem with my Srd 350 I can’t see my application Nd I can’t get my money Srd plz help me I wanted to change my cellphone number and Bank

        1. My neighbour asked for an account number so that she can get money from her daughter. Then R350 declined because of that deposit in my bank acc

        2. I have a problem I can’t apply for R350 it says my application already active and I don’t know who’s apply for me without my permission. I need help please

        3. I apply my 350r they said they unready apply but when I check they said fail i don’t know why I need to cancel it and start down

        4. I don’t received any money from sassa and I was chanced my number since I was changing my number I don’t get it since the 2021

      2. Hi good morning people since I applied 35O sassa grant wen I checked they said its approved now it’s three months but I didn’t get the payment

      3. Please help me out of reffeded please I really need the money for Christmas for my children please I don’t no what to say please

        1. I have a problem with sassa sometimes they prove my payment and even give me a date but no money in my account and my last payments was may last year why??? Because i am not working

      4. Hi the same with me as well I appealed for the month of May 2023 and for November 2023 witch States identification vary fiction fixed but its still pending n its been more than 90 days from May 2023 until now so I don’t understand

      5. I Avela Ngqamba my application sassa srd 350 was approved from September 2022 and 2023 the whole year all months they are approved but no payment dates but i saw only January 2024 payment date today , so i want to know what happened by 2023 months payments dates?

      6. Good day I lost my phone nw I can’t remember my number I did applied on I would like to change my phone number please

    1. My R350 for September is declined I would like to know what could be the problem cz m not working n m not receiving any money

        1. Since last year may I never got my R350 and whole of this year I’m using the some number for my phone but every time I check always pending or declined what is the reason for that because I’m not working at all..

      1. Since lost year my application was approved but received only it corruption as usual please prove me wrong.

        1. Hi please help me my srd Grant approved for September pay date 30 but when I went to bank insufficient funds.october approved and pay date 27 I got it, please help me for September.

    2. Hi I have problem I didn’t get my disability grant for my son and I did change card from sassa card to absa bank I think it was September last….. So can you please check for me what going on?

    3. My application sassa srd 350 is approved but no payment dates , and the bank details was submitted but nothing different

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