Old Age Homes for SASSA Pensioners

If you are a senior citizen with no relatives available to take care of you in the golden age of 60 plus, there’s no need to worry. You can apply for the SASSA Old Age Grant also known as the old age pension and receive support through an old age home provided by the South African Department of Social Development (DSD).

SASSA old age pensioners can apply for admission to an old age home through the Department of Social Development application. The process is simple, and after you submit your application, an agent will visit your location to complete the verification process, by which you will be granted access to an old age home.

Apply for Old Age Home for SASSA Pensioners

If you are a SASSA pensioner in need of 24-hour care, including frail care, applying for admission to an old age home is a viable option. Old age homes provide dedicated caregivers who offer frail care, and nursing assistance to ensure a comfortable living environment for elderly or impaired individuals.

Requirements to Qualify for Frail Care for SASSA Pensioners

To qualify for admission to an old age home, you must meet the following criteria.

  1. Receipt of SASSA Old Age Grant or Pension Fund
  2. Need for Full-Time Care due to your Health or Frailty with a Medical Report.
  3. Age 60 or Older and Impoverished.
  4. South African Citizenship with a Valid Identity document.

Old Age Home Admission Application for SASSA Pensioners

You should know that an old age facility needs your consent and a medical report that proves you are mentally unfit to give consent and a court order is issued. In case of an emergency, a medical report issued by a registered medical practitioner suffices pending the issuance of a court order.

To get admission to Old Age Homes SASSA pensioners can follow these steps and complete the process.

1 Visit your nearest Department of Social Development office.
2 Obtain an Old Age Home application and fill out the required form for the residential facility.
3 Attach the required documents to complete the admission form.
– Your South African identity document (ID).
– A medical report.
4 Submit your completed application forms with the required documents.
5 You will undergo a screening test to determine if you qualify for admission and a subsidy.
6 If you are unable to travel to the office due to age or illness, ask a family member or friend to apply on your behalf.
7 A social worker will arrange a home visit to assess your current living conditions.
8 If your application is not approved, you must receive a written explanation for the decision.

By choosing old age home care, you can access complete care for both your physical and mental health while maintaining your independence for as long as possible. After submitting your SASSA application, you can now wait for the approval and please keep in mind that admission to an older persons’ residential facility is subject to the availability of beds.

Note: If you are admitted to an institution that has a contract with the state to care for you, the social grant is reduced to 25% of the maximum amount of the grant. This will start from the fourth month following your admission to that institution. The reduced grant is reinstated immediately from the date you are discharged from the institution.

How long does it take to get admission to an old age home?

Your application for admission to an old age home will be processed within 14 days by the Department of Social Development. You can expect to receive a response within 30 days after applying for admission.

Listed Old Age Homes for SASSA Pensioners in South Africa

You can check the list of old age homes to locate a facility near your area where seniors can receive the care and support they need during their golden years. These homes provide essential services, including accommodations and necessary assistance.

North West

Rustenburg: Rustenburg Old Age Home

Western Cape

Cape Town: Athlone Old Age Home


  1. Boksburg: Boksburg Old Age Home
  2. Johannesburg: Alexandra Old Age Home, Eldorado Park Old Age Home, Golden Harvest Old Age Home, Lenasia South Old Age Home, Protea Glen Old Age Home, Randburg Old Age Home, Roodepoort Old Age Home, South Hills Old Age Home, Soweto Old Age Home
  3. Krugersdorp: Krugersdorp Old Age Home
  4. Pretoria: Pretoria North Old Age Home


  1. Durban: Durban North Old Age Home, Isipingo Old Age Home, KwaMashu Old Age Home, Phoenix Old Age Home
  2. Pietermaritzburg: Pietermaritzburg Old Age Home


Polokwane: Polokwane Old Age Home


Nelspruit: Nelspruit Old Age Home

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  1. Hi , I’ve a 88 year old mother currently residing in a state old age home and has recently been diagnosed with Dementia. I’m desperately needing to place her into a state/ state assisted care facility . Due to financial constraints I’m unable to afford a helper going forward.Please help.

  2. Good Day ,

    My mother is currently living @ an Old Age Home in Rustenburg for the past 4 years. She needs to stay there permanently as she has DIMENTIA. There is no longer funds available to accommodate her financially @ the Old Age Home. Is there a subsidy that she can apply for to cover the finances so as for her to stay @ the Old Age Home where she is currently staying.


  3. Hi I am looking for my sister she is 67 yrs
    And only has a government pension
    She also needs frail care so am asking for her
    Name Kerry Crouch

    But you can get hold of me

  4. HI my mother is 78 years old and in need of old age home care . Please assist please please I am a working full time . She need some home where she can get help . She is diagnosed with dementia and on medication .

  5. Ons is SASSA afhanklikes en kan onsself nog versorg. Kan iemand asseblief laat weet as julle weet van enige acvv verskaffers in die omgewing van Pretoria of Johannesburg. Dalk Brits, Hartbeespoort, Bronkhorstspruit of selfs Parys. Sal dit baie waardeer Dankie

  6. Good morning I am looking for old age home care for my father he is 76 he is going alot cause he can take a weeks without knowing where to look for him please help I’m at Krugersdorp Gauteng

  7. I am in need of a home I am now living with ex in laws and life is not good I was told to sell move because am home was in a dangous a place now after using up my cash and fixing I am a burden and they are ashamed of me .I was always on my own here I clean and clean but no stop.please I am in need.

  8. Good day I see it’s only a handful of provinces that are listed here. What about Eastern Cape & Free state. Don’t they have old age homes that work with department of social development SASSA Grant or pensioners

  9. Good day. I never knew that there’s such a help for pensioners. Both my parents are aged and are both not very well in condition. I have been caring for them both on my own and at this point I’m admitting that I can’t anymore, I am failing at doing a better job. I just need to know what your fees and services are.

  10. Any facility in Kariega to assis?
    Old age subsidized for seniors in Uitenhag
    Please help.
    Debbie Keys
    Obo my mother who is 81yes who was diagnosed a month ago.

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